What to Pack For

What To Pack for A Last-Minute Trip To The Beach, The Mountains, The City

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Scrambling to squeeze in one more vacation before school starts and/or the weather changes?  SheSpark pulled together three Youtube videos with quick and easy tips on what to pack for the beach, the mountains, and the city.


What To Pack For The Beach

The keyword for beach packing: light. Light colors (dark colors absorb heat), light-weight fabrics, (sun) light protection like the non-toxic SPF products we covered here. The Travel Channel put together short video of 7 Packing Hacks for a Beach Trip.


What To Pack For The Mountains

They keyword for summer mountain packing: durable. Mountain destinations are filled with outdoor activities that are tougher than the average climate on clothing, accessories, and you.  Think layers because temps can fluctuate quite a bit throughout the day. You’ll like this list of “What Not To Forget When You Visit Colorado” from LauriePop on Youtube. Warning: High altitudes affect your beauty products– watch out for explosive reactions when opening lotions, cleaners, and liquid makeups. Save money by packing affordable Drug Store Dupes.


What To Pack for The City

The keyword for Cities like New York, Toronto, London, Berlin, and Paris: streetwise. It’s a fine balance between chic and functional when running down steps to the subway or strutting down Madison Avenue.  Thankfully, PopSugar put together a list of “11 Secrets to Look Like a Chic NYC Native” to help us get it right.  If you want to see 2018 street style trends from Europe, check out this post from image consultant and SheSpark co-founder Thea Wood.


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