Videos: 3 Ways To Relieve Joint Pain – An Holistic Approach

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3 Ways to relieve joint pain when your middle-aged bod is screaming at you.

Many of us experience increased joint pain when we hit the over-40 mark. It creeps into your life slowly, requiring a few modifications to your lifestyle:

— Buying 2.5″ heels instead of 4″ heels

— Walking, not running, the trail

— Massaging your hands between emails instead of waiting for your bathroom break

We found a three-pronged approach  that, in combination, present a holistic approach to dealing with various types of joint pain. Watch these short but action-packed videos to get started.


#1 Way to Relieve Joint Pain: 4 Homeopathic Medicines (2:24 min)

Joette Calabrese explains joint pain’s causes and four homeopathic medicines offered by Boiron that help alleviate the symptoms.


#2 Way To Relieve Joint Pain – 5 Knee Strengthening Exercises (7:24 minutes)

Your knees have taken a beating after 40+ years of suffering for fashion and running your joints into the ground.  Debra Atkinson of shares effective exercises for getting rid of that pesky knee pain.


#3 Way to Relieve Joint Pain:  6 Joint-friendly Foods (1:32 minutes)

Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PA-C, shares six foods to eat and why they relieve joint pain. Thanks to 6 ABC Action News for sharing her tips.




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