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Video: How To Relieve Muscle Tension At Work

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by Thea Wood,

Muscle tension is the natural result of sitting at your desk, typing on your laptop, and walking in high heels. Not to mention that real pain-in-the-neck project deadline. If you’re a woman over 40, you know that these pains get worse through the years. How fortunate that I complained about my aches and pains to Chris Winkley, a fitness trainer and the founder of RollerTek. He immediately provided easy ways to relieve the five most common muscle tension pains associated with a long work day.  You can do these quick fixes in your office without changing clothes or working up a sweat.

Rather than try to explain how these muscle-tension relief exercises work, we decided to make a series of short videos and post them on YouTube.  Here is a link to the first video and the others will appear as options at the end of this one. You’ll see that I’m wearing a dress and shoes that are typical office attire for women to demonstrate how hassle-free these exercises are to do.

My chiropractor checked out my RollerTek kit (I’ll call it a mobile physical therapy system) and said she thought it was a smart design and easy to use.  So, I’ll continue using it regularly– it’s cheaper than getting a massage every week! Please note that RollerTek did not pay SheSpark or me for featuring this system. It is simply one effective solution for addressing common muscle tension problems. In these videos we address muscle tension (pain) for the following:

— neck

— shoulder/back

— forearm/hand

— outer leg and calf

— feet (thank you high heels!!)

UPDATE: RollerTek is offering a a 20% discount to SheSpark sisters!  Order at and use promo code “SheSpark” for your discount. Thank you, RollerTek! (SheSpark may receive a commission on purchases using the SheSpark promo code, which helps us continue to support women with Positively Ageless Style).


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