How To Use The Workshop of Your Soul

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by Andrea Carter, SheSpark’s Mental Wellness Expert, CEO of Success On Fire Academy®
It’s January! If you’re like many, you’re embracing the new year’s potential, yet there is a looming pressure about your responsibility in executing its brilliance.  Between targets at work and the personal resolutions at home, studies show that 68% of the time, women get stuck in the details, the semantics, and the day-to-day tasks keeping them mentally, physically, and emotionally stuck and unable to achieve the life they’re wanting–yuck!

It’s no wonder that out of the 59% of American’s who make new year’s resolutions, only 8% succeed.  What if this year instead of setting goals and taking action until you’re exhausted or overwhelmed out of any action, you could use something you’ve already had experience with in your life?

Napoleon Hill, the forefather of self-improvement, once said, “You will never know what your capacity for achievement is until you learn how to mix effort with imagination.”

The imagination, in my opinion, is a missing link between achievement and spinning in circles.  It’s been referred to as the “workshop of the soul” by psychologists and influential motivators.  I like to call it “the mastermind of the spirit” and “the producer of the impossible.”  So why do you think we don’t use it more?  What is it that makes us doubt the efficacy?  Far too often, it boils down to fear.  Usually, the invisible architecture of fear is the very thing that keeps people in their comfort zones, which are, in truth, the furthest place from comfort to live in.

What if this year, you could use your imagination to navigate through this year’s challenges and action steps, while enhancing your own energy?  There’s a reason yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices have flourished over the past 10 years, yet the one piece that still hasn’t been connected for the general public is how to take those practices and integrate them to create the life you really want.  Isn’t it interesting that after you’ve meditated, done yoga, or used a visualization practice you feel energized, inspired, and clear on what to do next?  Have you ever considered how to integrate that feeling into creating your ideal life?  Imagine (no pun intended) if you knew how to take the clarity and vision you receive after doing these mindfulness practices and put that energy into a practical application to create your best year yet?

Still not convinced?  Consider this, do you really think you would have a desire if you weren’t meant to create it?  When you have that desire and you don’t take action to create it (based on the reasons you’re telling yourself you can’t) what has happened?  You keep generating those same feelings of pent-up frustration, self-doubt, and feelings of inadequacy, the very reason your comfort zone isn’t comfortable!  Seems crazy and yet that’s what our society has been conditioned to do.

So in this article, I’ll give you 5 simple steps you can read and integrate the use of your imagination into taking action.  Then I’ll take you one step further by inviting you to free online support, just to ring in the new year with everything you could need to create your best year yet!


Here are the 5 simple steps to integrate your imagination with taking action:

1) Take 15 minutes and situate yourself in an area where there are no distractions or potential interruptions.  In this 15 minutes, you’ll actively engage your imagination.

1a) Take the first 5 minutes to work on your breath.

You can use this guideline for breathing–it’s the mechanics behind yoga and most meditation–count to 4 on your inhale, pause for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, then pause for another count of four.  Don’t skip this step, it is what allows your mind to relax and effectively engage your imagination and alpha brain waves, the state of mind that you are most creative in.

1b) Take the next 5 minutes to consider what you have that you do not want anymore.  On a piece of paper, write, “What I do not want anymore:” and then list as many specific aspects of your life that you want to stop having in 2017 within 5 minutes.



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