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Before You Try That Celebrity Haircut, Try This…

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by Imogen Lamport, InsideOutStyleBlog.com

You love that celebrity haircut, but is it the one for you? And is the colour the best one for your skin tone?

I’ve been having a play with In Style’s online makeover tool.  This is a free tool that can really help you realise what does and doesn’t work on you.  You can try on all sorts of celebrities hairstyles and play with the cut and colour to see what works.

Of course, remember that the texture of your hair is important when choosing a cut, if you have curly or coarse hair, then a smooth style isn’t going to work for you.  Fine hair may not have the body for a cut with more volume and the like.

To start with, you upload a photo of yourself with your hair off your face (like the one below)

imogen celebrity haircuts

A little tip – I took this photo myself with my arms stretched forwards, so my shoulder line is not great – it would be worth getting someone else to take your pic, or putting your camera on a timer so you don’t have to do this as it makes the styles slightly harder to judge.

Upload your photo and start trying on the hairstyles of your choice from their celebrity hairstyles database.

Celebrity haircut #1 – Rhianna

celebrity haircuts imogen

Colour isn’t bad – but a fringe would improve things.

See all 14 celebrity haircuts on Imogen with style tips.

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