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Top 100 Sex-Positive Cities For Women In The World 2017

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What is a sex-positive city? It’s a city that promotes an open, tolerant or progressive attitude toward sex and sexuality, according to Lazeeva. (Lazeeva is an adult entertainment app that curates “positive” adult entertainment like videos, dating services, erotic e-commerce, and sex toys with a strict set of content compliance rules.)

Lazeeva began researching cities worldwide back in 2010 but found it to be a tedious task because of the resistance to the topic.  Persevering, they were finally able to compile a list of 100 cities they deemed to be sex-positive for women.  Factors included:

— access to modern contraception
— attitudes toward the LGBT community
— gender equality
— sexually active
— sexually experimental
— sexually satisfied
— sex toy consumption
— porn consumption
— local adult entertainment
— local swingers culture

For kicks and giggles, Lazeeva added an eye-opener: the term most searched for on porn sites in each city.

So, which cities are in the Top 100? Here is the full list— is your city on it?

The Top 10 sex-positive cities are:

lazeeva sex-positive cities


Paris came first (excuse the pun) in ranking of the most sexual cities, followed by Rio de Janeiro and London. Paris scored exceptionally well for its swinger culture and adult entertainment, whereas Rio de Janeiro outperformed all the other cities in the sexually experimental and sexually active categories. London ranked as the best city for LGBT friendliness worldwide.

Five of the top ten cities for porn consumption were from North America, with the porn production capital Los Angeles unsurprisingly taking first place. Berlin topped the swingers category and also came second for adult entertainment, narrowly beaten by Las Vegas. Antwerp and Brussels scored first and third respectively for sexual satisfaction, followed by three Dutch cities. Clearly they’re doing something right in the Benelux region.

Over-40 women with children may find it interesting that Paris’ top search term on porn sites is “maman” which means “mom.” Berlin’s most searched porn site term is “MILF,” which stands for “Mom I’d Like To F*ck.”

sex-positive Brenda Adiyiah lazeeva
Brenda Adiyiah, PR Manager at Lazeeva

We asked Brenda Adiyiah, who is Lazeeva’s Brand PR/Community Manager a few questions about the results. Here’s what she had to say…

SheSpark: Why would a city like London (a top ranked city) be so far ahead of Bristol (ranked 41) in terms of sex positivity for women even though they are both in the UK?

Brenda: I think the main reason for this is that London has one of the most diverse populations in the UK. We have people from all over the world with varying genders, sexual orientations and preferences who reside in and visit the capital. There are a lot of spaces where people can explore their interest. So I think this plays a big role in the general consensus of sexuality and liberation.

SS: How do we define “sexual satisfaction” in this case and is it different for a 40-something woman compared to a 20-something woman?

BA: In my opinion satisfaction is not a “one-fit-for-all” model. People experience gratification from various sexual activities. It comes down to what makes a person experience genuine pleasure. Usually, young women in their 20s tend to still be exploring their sexuality in terms of curiosities and to find what they like and do not like. Whereas a mature woman in their 40s have already discovered what makes them tick but may be looking for new experiences to “mix things up” and to keep their sex life fresh and revitalized.

SS: Antwerp scored a perfect “10” on sexual satisfaction! What’s going on there that other countries can learn from?

BA: I guess the main thing is the people of Antwerp put an emphasis on maintaining a good sex life as part of a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle whereas some other cities do not.

SS: Access to sex toys and contraception were important elements in considering these rankings. Why?

BA: Self pleasure is just as important as sexual intercourse with another person. People who do pleasure themselves tend to feel more empowered, confident and like they have full ownership of their sexuality. The sex tech industry is booming and with good reason. Finally, women are beginning to understand that their pleasure matters and that sexual empowerment is part of human nature.

Contraception is currently a hot topic in the arena of politics and social sciences. Unfortunately, there are still a number of countries that do not provide the public with adequate access to contraceptives which has lead to an increase in unwanted pregnancies and abortions as well as STI/STD contractions. Maintaining your health and having birth control access is just as much a part of maintaining a sex-positive lifestyle as actual sex. The underlying point of sex-positivity is expressing healthy attitudes and adopting good practices towards sex. Something that myself, a long with the founders of Lazeeva, feel strongly about.

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