Thea Wood TEDx Talk – On Stage and Behind The Scenes

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SheSpark’s co-founder Thea Wood recently took to the stage for her TEDx Talk “What Is YOUR Style Profile?” in Austin, Texas. She covers what Style Profiling is and why it’s so important to create an intentional Style Profile in today’s visual society. There are also a few tips on how to manipulate your style profile in order to overcome societal “beauty” biases.  Watch the YouTube video below.

After the event, Thea appeared on Nathan Eckel’s “BeTheTalk” podcast via Facebook Live. She shared her TEDx experience from the initial application through the post-talk activities and unexpected challenges along the way. Here’s a link to the Facebook recordingfast forward to the 8:00 minute mark. (There were some technical difficulties that delayed the start of the interview.)



If you have any questions for Thea about the experience, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.  She will answer them as soon as she can.  If you like the TEDx Talk, please share it!


6 comments on “Thea Wood TEDx Talk – On Stage and Behind The Scenes

  1. Thea, you are amazing. Well done on this presentation & Ted Talk on how to hold your own with regard to style and intentionality. It is inspiring and has helped me understand many things about myself. I know that it will benefit many others as well.

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