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The Perfect Manicure for Mature Hands – Tips & Tutorials

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You probably didn’t think much about the perfect manicure 20 years ago. In fact, all manicures are pretty much “the perfect manicure” with smooth, strong, bright fingernails and hands of youth.

Twenty years later, you may not recognize your own mitts. Common complaints are:

— Nail ridges and yellowing (or white flecks)

— Brittle nails that easily chip

— Splintered, dry cuticles

— Brown spots/hyperpigmentation

— Bulging veins and creping due to thinning, less elastic skin and fatty tissue loss

Before he jump into the perfect manicure for mature hands, let’s look at the causes of our problems. We see a lot of information about why our skin changes, but I was curious about why these unsightly changes happen to fingernails (and toenails). Here is a Youtube video from Natural Health Remedies that explains what’s happening with your nails and which conditions may require medical attention. Hormonal imbalances and dehydration are contributing factors, so check with your doctor to see if she/he has supplements or medications that may address your nail issues.


What About Hand Rejuvenation?

“Granny hands” can make you appear older than your age due to genetics or certain conditions. Try holding your hands up next to your face and see if there’s a disconnect in the story that each is telling. Many women turn toward different “hand rejuvenation” techniques that are costly and sometimes painful or invasive.  And not all rejuvenation techniques work for all skin types. This article from The Zwivel outlines these procedures, how they work, and price ranges.

Beth of YouTube channel “50PlusBeauty” decided to try a hand rejuvenation technique in her 40s and nine years later is still impressed with the results. It cost her over $1200 (plus travel costs since the procedure was done out of state). Here is the video where she describes the experience and before and after photos of her hands.


An Alternative to Hand Rejuvenation

What if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or try a painful procedure? That’s where regular maintenance in the form of a manicure (and pedicure!) comes in handy — pun intended 😀

Look for a manicurist or nail technician who has a cosmetology certificate and, where required by state law, her/his active license to practice. Beware of salons that offer mani-pedi’s for dirt cheap as they may be practicing unethical hiring practices as reported in this New York Times article “The Price of Nice Nails.


Before heading to the nail salon, consider your daily routine.

Drink LOTS of water!

Each morning add non-toxic SPF to your hands to minimize prevent/minimize brown spots. Here is a list of non-toxic SPF options that are top-rated on If you live in dry climates like the mountains or desert, protect your hands with multiple daily applications of heavy-duty moisturizers like the 4.5 star-rated “Ancient Greek Remedy Oil” on


You can also try these natural home remedy recipes for minimizing wrinkles and brown spots (while adding that much needed elasticity) with ingredients from your pantry.



Now… The Perfect Manicure for Mature Hands

YouTube channel Pose posted this video “Hot to Treat Ridged Mature Nails” that also covers dealing with dryness and yellowing and cuticle woes. Zoe Pocock is a Sally Hansen nail expert who gives a straight-forward, quick demo with product recommendations for various problems. You don’t need to use all at once, just those that pertain to your specific problems.  Suggestion: Buy these products and bring them to your nail tech so you always have what you need. Sally Hansen products are the main focus in this video, but you may choose other brands with similar benefits.

Note: SheSpark does not guarantee products or results from the recommendations in this article or videos. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions for what works (and what doesn’t) in our comments section so others can learn from your experiences.




Click these images to buy Zoe’s perfect manicure recommendations from Amazon:






Polish Chips and Other Nail Emergencies – Color Street To The Rescue

Nail polish chips, manicure appointments get cancelled. Sometimes we’re in dire need of a quick solution to nice-looking nails without all the fuss.  Thanks to Color Street, you can fix your polish woes on the go. On the subway or at your desk, simply apply this “strip” to you nail and keep moving. There’s no downtime since the strips are dry, and there are a variety of colors/patterns to choose from. You can even become a Color Street stylist to earn extra money.  Here’s how it works:


SheSpark co-founder Thea Wood uses Color Street strips in emergencies and loves how they immediately look polished and last for days. It’s an easy way to get you through to your next professional manicure without the risk of smudges. Visit Color Street to find a stylist near you or become one or host a party.

If you have suggestions for the perfect manicure for mature hands, please add them to the comments section below.  Help other women learn what works (or doesn’t work) thanks to your valuable experiences.

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