Swimsuit Trends 2018 That Over-40 Women Will Love

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Swimsuit trends 2018 are getting more creative and diverse, which means more options for over-40 women (and women of all ages).  We found these three videos to help inspire you to change things up for your summer swimsuit wardrobe.

See you at the pool!

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Dominique Sasche Shares Her Favorite Swimsuit Trends 2018

Our favorite Houston news anchor/fashionista is back with her top swimsuit picks for this season. Many one-piece suits!  If you want to look at a variety of options.

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Darlene Denning’s Swimsuit Trends 2018 for Mature Women

In Darlene’s video, she boldly tries on each suit she recommends so you can see how it looks on a woman who is *not* a 20-something bathing suit model.  We LOVE her for it. Two-piece and one-piece options shown.

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Swimsuits for Women Size 18+

Over-40 ladies, if you wear size 18 or higher and don’t mind posting swimsuit try-on hauls on YouTube, there is a HUGE void that is waiting to be filled. Meanwhile, I’m deferring to the beautiful Esmerelda Richard who tried on a handful of suits and gave us 360-degree views with what she likes about them.

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If you know other Youtube videos that show over-40 friendly swimsuits, please post them here for consideration. We’re always looking for more YouTube stars to inspire us!

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