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#StopSucking With The Hottest Accessory of 2018 (sponsored)

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Plastic straws are going by way of the dinosaur thanks to the sea turtle and conscientious consumers. Seattle banned plastic straws this month and international behemoths from Starbucks to McDonald’s to Alaska Airlines introduced phase-out plans in the spirit of cleaning up our oceans and saving marine life.  Starbucks says it will eliminate one BILLION plastic straws per year in their #StopSucking strategy. Here’s what USA Today reports on the impact plastic has on our oceans:

Join the #StopSucking Movement

Get eco-chic with the Honey & Abernathy’s Stainless Steel Straw 4-pack for $6.50 U.S. That’s $1.62 per straw plus a FREE cleaning brush.
Drinking coffee out of an “adult sippee cup” is less than sophisticated at a business meeting. Throw-away paper straws still end up in dumpsters worldwide and consume our natural resources. It’s time to save our dignity, environment, and lipstick with a cool Reuseable straws that cost less than a tall Skinny Vanilla Latte and fits in your handbag.

Reuseable straws Honey and Abernathy

Other reasons to buy your Honey & Abernathy Stainless Steel Straw 4-pack and cleaning brush:
Brighten your pearly whites by avoiding direct contact with coffee, tea, and other staining liquids.

Avoid toxic BPA’s that are released when you clean plastic straws in a dishwasher.

Elegantly sip your poolside drinks— steel helps keep that margarita frozen.

Give a gift that friends and family will appreciate and feel good about using every day.

#StopSucking today and spread the word!


Product Specs

Short Straight: 8.5″ long
Short Bent: stands about 8″ tall, with 8.5″ total length
Long Straight: 10.5″ long
Long Bent: stands about 10″ tall, with 10.5″ total length

Each has a .1875″ (3/16″) diameter from outer edge to outer edge. Dishwasher safe.

Reuseable straws
Get Your Reuseable Straws Here


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