Stop Blonde Hair from Going Green in the Pool

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By Imogen Lamport

Blonde hair and chlorine are not best friends, not even close.  Now, you need to spend some time in a pool or spa for your hair to go green, but if you’re going on a holiday and don’t want to have to worry about it, here are some tips from my trusty hairdresser Karleigh of Anthony Nitson Hair about how to stop your hair going green.

  • Use a sealant such as Kerastase Aqua Seal before swimming.  Apply by spraying it into your hands and rubbing through your hair (around 6 sprays into your hands, then comb through with fingers).   This becomes a swimming cap for your hair to protect it from chlorine and pool/spa chemicals.
  • If you don’t have a product like the Aqua Seal, then use a leave-in conditioner or even coconut oil and wear a swimming cap over the top (as this is not good for the chemical balance of the swimming pool).


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