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Mind & Spirit: Three Ways to Step Into Your True Voice

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Are you listening to your True Voice or that other voice? Kim B. Smith talks about dueling voices and how to step into the voice that gets you heard in in this busy, fast-paced, noisy world.

Which Voice Is Calling The Shots?

First, I want to talk about our voices, we have multiple voices. The main voice that I call the Hag in the Attic, the one that takes up residence in our head and keeps us small, stuck in our comfort zone. She loves to drive us, control us, and boss us around. This voice is not our true voice, but we still allow her to take the wheel. Don’t be fooled, you cannot kick her out. You need her to be a part of your emotional baseball team. She is there for a reason, but we need to manage her, not control her.


The Hag is the voice that says, “I really have nothing to say. My story? What story? I will just stay in the back and not say anything.” This is the voice that says, everything must be perfect before you act. This voice tells us to procrastinate and to place ourselves last. It instills a fear of failure and fear of success. THAT VOICE!

Now let’s talk about our True Voice, the voice that comes from the bottom of our souls. The voice that is the real you. How do we find this voice? How do we step into this voice?

  1. Know and feel your Why. What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? What is the passionate driving force behind your being? Throw in your beliefs as well, it really supports your This why is something you live for, so breathe it. Nothing can burn your passion out. Nothing.
  2. It is a muscle, and you need to work it, daily. Here are a few ways:
    1. Positive “I am” affirming statements on sticky notes. Carry them around with you. They are magic and work wonders.
    2. Meditation/prayer, conversations with a higher power.
    3. Get out and go for a walk, fresh air does wonders.
  3. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people. You need sounding boards, cheerleaders who will support you and hold you accountable. It takes a village to stay true to ourselves.

The Power of Your True Voice

Our souls desire us to be heard. This is a part of our personal brand and our personal commitment. When we hold back, it plays on our emotional and spiritual health. When we do not speak or contribute, we feel unfulfilled. This takes our confidence down a notch or two and makes us feel unsettled.

This article in the Harvard Business Review shares that when women do not assert themselves, we can be removed from environments and passed up.

Ladies, we all have a message, and we must be heard. We are the change that the world needs desperately. The True Voice that comes from our soul is so important. Be clear of your Why so your message is strong. Be firm and factual, so when emotions run high, you will not be drawn into a screaming match where nothing is resolved. Move from a lose/lose situation to a solution-oriented, win-together environment.

Be heard, lean in, be true, be YOU!

About The Author

kim smithKim Boudreau Smith is the CEO of Kim B. Smith Inc. and known for being a two-time international best-selling author/compiler as well as the founder and former CEO of Bold Radio Station. She is certified in coaching through the International Coaching Academy. Kim continues her personal and spiritual development through the practices of yoga and meditation.

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7 comments on “Mind & Spirit: Three Ways to Step Into Your True Voice

  1. Thank you for sharing this message and wonderful inspiration. The power of our voice is the ability to not simply allow ourselves to stand firm as women, and overcome our programming, but also to carved a path worthy of our children, and children’s children.

  2. I’ve got so many different voices going round in my head I have no idea who is controlling me, depends on the time of day I think 😉 but yes becoming more self-aware can be so positive!

  3. I know you always talk about your hag in the attic but it’s only now that I’ve realised mine is way more prevalent than I thought. Maybe he’s the drain in my brain or something else clever I’ll think of later. Managing him will be the key to the success of my life in terms of what I want to achieve. Thanks for the reminder and tips.

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