Solutions For Hair Problems Over-40

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To gray or not to gray?  That’s not the only question when it comes to over-40 hair.

Over-40 hair experiences many other changes besides color.  Yes, many over-40 women struggle with the decision to put down the bottle of dye and let nature take its course, but there are other changes happening besides color.  Changes in hormones can cause a all kinds of different hair problems:

  • thinning hair
  • coarse hair
  • dull, lack-luster hair
  • broken, damaged, frizzy hair

Which leads me to this question…

Should over-40 women just cut their hair and be done with it?


I asked New York City based hair stylist and colorist Kali Ferrara  this very question.  Her answer was…

“No, everyone does not need to get a bob haircut when you turn 50.”

I found this reassuring, but I had more questions about over-40 hair care.  Kali had advice and suggestions, some of which I found surprising…


Kali suggests a conditioning treatment once a week, which can take jsut 5-10 minutes!  This softens hair cuticles, making your hair more manageable, less frizzy and easier to style.  She suggests conditioning treatments by Oribe and Milbon.

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Kali recommended a multi-vitamin with biotin to combat thinning hair.  She likes Vitafusion, because it contains other vitamins that aid in the absorption of biotin.

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Here’s a suggestion I had never heard before: Get a collagen treatment.  As we age, we lose collagen not only in our skin, but in our hair, too!  A salon collagen treatment can help to activate hair follicles and plump the actual hairs on your head!  The result is thicker, fuller looking hair.


Many women feel self-conscious during the transition to gray, which can take a looong time.   Kali told me about a service that I didn’t know existed: Color Transformation.  At the Roy Teeluck Salon (where you can find Kali), they offer a one-day transition to gray.  With one inch of growth at your scalp, a stylist matches hair color to your natural, gray color.  Kali admits that the process is long, taking a good part of a day, but the results are worth it.  She’s seen some GORGEOUS gray color transformations.

So whether you go gray or keep dyeing till you die, one thing is true for over-40 hair in general, it pays to take care of it.
Healthy choices and a little TLC can go a long way!

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Kali Angelina Ferrara is a New York City based hair stylist and hair colorist with an extensive repertoire ranging from balayage, foiling, rich hues, and color correction.

Kali’s work has been seen at fashion week, on numerous red carpets and on the high powered men and women of New York City. In the November/December 2013 issue of “The Colorist Magazine” Kali was one of named “30-Under-30 Colorists Worth Watching.” She can now be found at Roy Teeluck Salon in Manhattan. A graduate of Philadelphia University with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising, Kali knows how to keep up with the trends, while also being extremely business savvy. Through her undergraduate degree Kali was granted the opportunity to spend six months living abroad in Rome, Italy.




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