3 To Follow: From Muscles to Movers to Makeup

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Social Media Star: Phyllis Lerner

From: New Jersey Shore






Phyllis Lerner witnessed her mother die at age 53 from a heart attack induced by obesity and diabetes. “I was determined not to let that happen to me,” she says. Phyllis earned a BFA from Pratt Institute and while working as an art director in NYC she wandered into a large bookstore and serendipitously picked up a book about women’s bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger. She claims it was love at first sentence and joined the first all women’s bodybuilding gym.

Phyllis earned a double certification from ACE Fitness in both Personal Training and Weight Management and later a double certification in both Personal Training and Nutrition and Wellness from the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA). With 40 years of experience under her belt, she’s focusing on middle-aged women and designed an approach to health that is easy, understandable, realistic and attainable. Phyllis will “pump you up” for healthy living!



Social Media Stars: Jeannie Ralston & Lori Seekatz of NextTribe

From: Austin, Texas





Web site

Next Tribe is a group for storytellers and adventurers. Women who “age boldly” and want to spend time with like-minded women. If you’re a bit irreverent and cheeky, this is your tribe.
The origins of Next Tribe in co-founder Jeannie Ralston’s own words:
“I decided to start NextTribe because I didn’t like what I found online for women 45 plus. I still feel 29 inside but a lot of sites were making me feel I had one foot in the grave. I have a lot of magazine journalism experience, so I decided to put that to use and create the magazine I wanted to read. My partner, Lori Seekatz, feels the same way and by getting my friends and colleagues in magazine publishing to write for NextTribe, I think we’ve been able to give voice to the feelings, joys, and frustrations of women in this age group.
“What I’ve learned about midlife women is that we all have accumulated years of experience—hard knocks, trials and errors, successes and flops, soaring joys, and stomach-punching sadness. But no matter what, most of us still have an incredibly strong will to go on and grab all the good from this life and use our hardships for the betterment of ourselves or others. With all that we know now and all the people we’ve met, I feel in so many ways that we’re at the peak of our lives and that with so much time ahead, we’re just getting started.”

Social Media Stars: Mala & Vikki of Very Makeup Mad

From: London, England
What beauty reviewers let their 10 year-old sons apply their makeup for them and then post it on YouTube? Mala & Vikki, of course.  These ladies have a special talent for turning beauty tutorials into a party! Their reviews are short, sweet, and honest with fantastic photos to boot. We asked them their Top 3 makeup trends for ladies like us. Here’s what they had to say:
“We’re loving Eyeshadow Sticks – foolproof, long-lasting and so easy to use. Bobbi Brown has just launched Sparkle Sticks which are absolutely beautiful…creamy, shimmery and they open up the eyes in one swipe. (Check out our latest Youtube video where we showcase eyeshadow sticks)
We are all about priming these days. We didn’t used to need primers on our younger skin (!) but now they are so valuable and more readily available. They create the perfect canvas for your foundation, helping it to glide on and they also help it to last all day. We love brightening, illuminating primers (eg Guerlain L’Or) and also smoothing, refining and perfecting (from Tom Ford to Jelly Pack, we’ve tried them all)
We love using a cream blush – we think it gives a more youthful appearance as when you pile on powders, they tend to collect in and accentuate lines and wrinkles. A cream blush will give a glow and make skin look more plumped up. Glossier Cloud Paint is our current favourite. Dabbed (never rubbed!) onto the apples of the cheeks, it’s a beautiful formulation.

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