3 To Follow: Social Media Stars We LOVE February 2018

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3 To Follow: Social Media Stars




Who: Angie Weihs

Where: California, United States

Follow: Instagram, Blog

Angie Weihs isn’t just an Instagram fashionista, she’s a coach and “life stylist.” Her experiences are diverse (she owns an event planning company and authored Ageless Rebel: The Empowering Planner and Playful Journal to Create Your Beautifully, Fearless, Ageless Mindset and Lifestyle. It’s a mouthful, but the concept is simple: Bring mind and body together for ageless power.

Being Valentine’s Day, we are especially intrigued with her coaching experience.  “On a very practical level I coached close to a thousand wedding couples and families in their wedding planning process; stress, anxiety, melt downs, money issues, fights between moms and daughters, Bridezillas syndromes, even doubts about the love of their lives… You name it, I was there for them.”

Angie’s positive vibe radiates through her Instagram photos and blog topics. She’s a natural boost on a blue day!



Who: Kimberly Ann Hawes 

Where: Pennsylvania, United States

Follow: Blog/Podcast, Facebook, LinkedIn

Kimberly Ann Hawes refers to herself as “The Steel City Chick” who combines strength and humor in her lifestyle blog, podcasts, and webinars. For the last five years, Kimberly Ann has hosted “Over 40 and Killing It” to inspire women to follow their dreams.  Her most notable specialty:  dating tips.  Kimberly’s podcast offers “Tip Tuesdays” and “Single & Satisfied Sundays” in a no-nonsense, girlfriend-style conversation that you’ll find entertaining and thought provoking.

Her motto? “Everything is better over cocktails or coffee.”  We couldn’t agree more!



Who: Jodie Filogomo

Where: Colorado, United States

Follow: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

Jodie Filogomo threw out her every-day style rules when she sold her dental practice and became a blogger. Now, Jodie experiments with combinations she wouldn’t normally wear. Her photos with her mother (70+ model) and step mother (60+ model) have attracted over 14,000 followers on Instagram alone.

“When I was working as a dentist, I tended to dress very conservatively, and I was sure there was only 1 ‘right’ way to style clothes. However, once I started blogging and reading others’ blogs, it was such an enlightening thought that we can dress any way we’d like,” Jodies explains. “I know my mom still struggles with the ‘rules’ that she grew up with about style and fashion. However, I rationalize to her that if we have that much trouble changing our thought about clothing that evolves so easily, then how can we expect people to change their thinking on truly ethical or value-based decisions?”

About her personal style: “I think it’s learning to try to match my outsides with my insides. So that means you’d describe me colorful, quirky and a little glamorous!!”

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4 comments on “3 To Follow: Social Media Stars We LOVE February 2018

  1. Thank you so much for featuring me. When my book “Rebelle” is published in June I’ll mail you a copy. I started my career as a writer and journalist, which is one of the loves of my life. The book tells stories of my funny, fierce and furious inner rebel; her many incarnations from tomboy and misfit to warrioress and woman power. My rebel guided me into disaster and amazing successes alike and now, after I finally got to know and own her power I manifest my new story in a fierce and joyful way. At a time where so many women let us know about the fear to say NO the power of our inner rebel is a life saver:)

    1. Can’t wait to read it! We are grateful to have you in The SheSpark family of fabulous women!! We are always open to osts from writers like yourself, so feel free to email us articles any time 🙂

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