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By Jonét Wooten of

Who: Susanne Niermann

Location: Germany

Age: 51

Today’s She’s Got Style global fashionista is the utterly adorable Susanne Niermann from the beautiful city of Munster, Germany. Susanne lives in a “very nice old art nouveau house,” which probably explains her fabulous taste in fashion.

Susanne loves casual comfort, even daring to add a pair of fun sneakers underneath a gorgeous long coat ~ can you say uber cool? It might not surprise you after taking a gander at some of her fashion photos that Susanne runs an image consultant company, helping others create their own fashion statement.

Since our Susanne is an expert in fashion, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to ask her for a few styling tips and she kindly obliged!

FCO50: Do you have any advice for ladies who were blessed with large breasts?

SUSANNE: If you have big breasts, it’s better not to wear necklines that carry high. Lengthen the line of neck.  High-carried necklines make the breasts appear to fall low.

Darker, muted colors have the effect of concealing, and try to shift your waistline a bit lower, so you get more space between your breast and waist.

FCO50: Are there certain styles or patterns one should avoid if we want to camouflage the bits we’d rather keep our little secret?



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