Photographer Finds Keys To Life in Portraits of Midlife Women

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It’s no secret that midlife women can get down on their appearance as they age. Studies show that age 40 is when women start taking less selfies than men, and 54 is the age women feel least satisfied with their bodies (read the full article “Do Midlife Women Have A Self Image Problem?” here).

When Reva Silber’s, 36, photos called “Platinum Portraits” popped up on SheSpark’s Instagram feed (@fabulous.over.50), her concept captured my attention. Not only does she photograph beautiful, smart, charismatic women, but we also learn something about their experiences through personalized “Keys To Life” quotes.  What a simple yet brilliant approach to not only celebrating the beauty we possess at any age, but also the wisdom we have to share.


Everyday women rarely get the chance to be pampered with makeup artists and professional photographer tips.  So, we spoke to Reva, whose studio Links Photography is in Baltimore, Maryland. She answered questions about Platinum Portraits behind the scenes and how it’s impacting her and her clients.

joy platinum portrait

The Reva Silber Platinum Portraits Experience

TW: Platinum Portraits are for your clients age 50 plus. Why did you choose to specialize in women this age?

RS: I see women that age who are unsure of themselves. Not happy with how they look and not feeling confident about their body. Each portrait session begins with my clients being pampered by a professional makeup artist. Combined with flattering posing and soft lighting the women are really amazed by how they look. I am so blessed and grateful that I can transform the way they see themselves.


TW: What inspired the Keys to Life?

RS: I want to showcase my clients’ wisdom, their Keys to Life, and not just focus on their external beauty. There are so many great quotes and memes all over social media. When I put my clients quote, their Keys to Life, next to their portrait it becomes so much more meaningful.

TW: How many Platinum Portraits have you done so far?

RS: Over 50.

phyllis-platinum portrait

TW: Are there any stories from your sessions that really stand out in your memory?   

RS: I had an 85-year-old woman come in with her daughter. I overheard her say, “This is one of the best days of my life”. A woman who was celebrating her 60th birthday, saw her portraits and said, “I never knew I could look so good.” She was literally taken by her own beauty.

TW: Tell us about the Platinum Album service and concept.  How many pages are they and what do women choose to include? I saw one mother’s letter and thought that was very special.

RS: The Platinum Album features favorite portraits and meaningful Keys to Life. The album is 10-20 pages and is an incredible way to document one’s wisdom to share with their family. I have a beautiful album for my own family that begins with a handwritten letter to my children, and it’s my most treasured possession. The albums are handmade in Italy and are so gorgeous, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

reva silber
photographer Reva Silber

TW: What are the Top 3 tips you would give over-40 women in prepping for a professional photo shoot?


  1. Don’t worry about any extra weight or how your chin looks. I use camera angles and posing techniques that slim and contour the body which literally takes off 20 pounds. View the before and after gallery to see the remarkable results.
  2. Wear clothing that is flattering and fitted. Baggy clothing will add 20 pounds.
  3. That gorgeous outfit hiding in your closet? Bring it, even if it won’t zip up anymore, we won’t show the back!


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