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3 to Follow: Podcasts For Midlife Women That You’ll Love

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SheSpark’s “3 To Follow” features over-40 stars (and the groups/brands who support them) that we think you’ll love. They are relatable, authentic, and hail from around the globe. If you like what you’re reading, join thousands of women who follow SheSpark and subscribe to the Weekly Edition today! In this “3 To Follow” column, we introduce you to podcasts for midlife women that are entertaining, informative, and relevant.  We ope you like them as much as we do.

Podcasts For Midlife Women


Midlife Mixtape

Nancy Kho Midlife Mixtape

In her 40s, Nancy Davis Kho reinvented herself after working 15 years as an international product manager.  Her passion for writing (and music) took over and she turned to creating essays, blogs, and other journalistic endeavors. Now, she produces a successful podcast “Midlife Mixtape,” a collection of interviews with GenXers like MTV VJ Martha Quinn and filmmaker Jordan Brady.

Listen to Midlife Mixtape here.


All About That Brand

grace lanni podcast for midlife women

Grace Lanni (another music lover and singer) hosts the podcast “All About That Brand.” Grace is a personal branding strategist who understands that success comes not just from a valuable product or service but the entrepreneurial woman behind it.  She interviews women of all ages, discussing their personal brands, success stories, and which brands influenced them along the way.

Listen to All About That Brand



Midlife Schmidlife

midlife schmidlife podcast

Elizabeth Applegate is a midlife coach who started her own podcast with a stated mission: “Share inspiring stories and practical advice to help women over the age of 40 live a kick-ass life.” There are many interviews and topics about reinvention and redefining what it’s like to be a midlifer.

Listen to Midlife Schmidlife

Do you have podcasts for midlife women you love? Please add them  in the comments, and we’ll take a listen. Thanks for participating!




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