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The Perfect Brow: Dos & Don’ts from a Pro

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We are all in search of the perfect brow, but is there such thing? In 2016, we talked with eyebrow specialist Karen Helton of Kiss N’ Makeup in Austin, Texas.  It became one of our most popular Pinterest pins, and with good reason. Karen’s brow expertise is known from coast to coast in the U.S., and we’re thrilled that she shared her dos and don’ts of achieving the perfect brow. So, just in case you missed it in our previous format on Issuu.com, here they are.


DO let them grow!

DO get them shaped by a professional (regularly or periodically)

DO use products to enhance your brows (not overwhelm them)

DO get them shaped, even if you have petite, fine brows. It is important to have a professional that knows which hairs to take, trim and clean up the brow


DON’T over tweeze and/or trim

DON’T over use product because that can look unnatural, harsh or aging

DON’T wax, thread or sugar (these are hair removal processes, not shaping methods)


About the Author

67_karen_v2Karen Helton Powanda, an Austin native, began her career in Southern California and expanded abroad. Always passionate about the beauty industry, she went on to become a licensed esthetician (in Texas and California), and studied under two world renowned celebrity makeup artists. Karen continues to travel to Los Angeles and New York City to bring cutting edge beauty industry trends and techniques home to her Austin clientele.





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