How To Overcome A Crazy Childhood: Interview with Author Lisa Kohn

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If you had a crazy childhood, you are not alone.  Lisa Kohn is a child of the ’70s who grew up in a house divided: her mother joined a cult and her father dove into sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Splitting her time between the two extreme lifestyles left long-lasting scars that took years to address. Lisa’s new book “To The Moon And Back” comes out this month and  chronicles what she witnessed growing up. Lisa also consults with other women and men who are trying to overcome a crazy childhood so they can live peaceful and self-loving adult lives.

You can order ‘To The Moon and Back” here.


Can you overcome a crazy childhood?

SheSpark’s Mind & Spirit editor Kim B. Smith asks Lisa personal questions about her crazy childhood experience. They discuss things like:

— Was there a time when you didn’t feel safe at either home?

— Are your parents still alive? What do they think about the book?

— What are three things that can help women overcome rough childhood experiences?

During this interview, you’ll get a taste of the humanity of it all (both good and bad) and want to pick up the book. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for the movie!


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