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Over-40 Women Headlining: Gwen Stefani in Vegas, Kate Walsh’s Trip, Marie Osmond’s Health Tips

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Gwen Stafani: Just A Girl in Vegas

The 48-year old singer, songwriter, fashion designer starts her Las Vegas residency at Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood this week.  Gwen explains to ET Canada how the opportunity came about. We love all things Gwen and can’t wait to hear all about the shows. Follow Gwen on Twitter for updates.



Kate Walsh on Tripping

Kate Walsh of “13 Reasons Why” and “Girls Trip”  talks to Wendy Williams about watching Tiffany Haddish become a star and if we can or cannot expect a “Girls Trip” sequel. Follow Kate Walsh on Twitter.



Marie Osmond’s Driving Force for Weight Management

Marie Osmond lost 50 pounds and become the face of Nutrisystem?  Plus she kept the weight off, which is the hard part for most of us. Marie shares her motivation for aggressively going after a healthier lifestyle (it’s tissue-worthy) and her action plan that worked even though she doesn’t always like it… And don’t forget to see the Donny & Marie show! Follow Marie Osmond on Facebook.



Thanks for catching up on another week of Over-40 Women Headlining!

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