3 To Follow: Over-40 Social Media Stars You’ll LOVE July 2018

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Over-40 social media stars

Over-40 social media stars are getting more recognition and effectively changing stereotypes about how woman act, look, and feel during midlife.  SheSpark celebrates these stars by introducing them to you. Together, we spread the word and support each other in Positively Ageless Style!

tania dalton 3tf


Who: Tania Dalton

Where: Melbourne, Australia


Adventure comes first for Tania Dalton, who chronicles her activities– perhaps better called “challenges”– on Instagram. Tania shares the good and the bad (bloody knees and all!) because, well, feeling beautiful isn’t always pretty. Tania will celebrate her 50th birthday in September by launching a new web site, so look for announcements on her IG feed.

“As scary as adventure can be, I realise that I spent most of my life playing it safe and never taking risks. But, I do feel that being fit and healthy does allow me to be more adventurous – going on 4-day hikes with a heavy backpack, attempting a half ironman, and even booking an Airbnb by myself in Santorini for a week, which requires me to walk up and down 300 steps each day to get anywhere, all require me to be fit and strong – I love it that my health allows me to do those things. My dad died of a heart attack when he was 47, so I do not take my health for granted.”

Tania’s stories are a delightful mix of fitness, fun, and fashion.  We love her for it!



Who: Felicia Todd

Where: Alabama, United States

FollowInstagram,  Facebook, Twitter


Felicia Todd is a fashion force!  We found Felicia on Instagram and were mesmerized by her bold accessories choices—especially those killer sunnies. This Alabama fashionista is also an entrepreneur who started the accessories boutique SaseeChic, LLC after blogging for seven years.  The motto? “Every Woman Deserves to Sparkle!”

What does Felicia look for in choosing eyewear? “When trying the frames on, they must be stylish and represent my personality.” Her personality is obviously colorful and bold. If you like the glasses, earrings, and other accessories Felicia sports on IG, just hop over to the web site!

Regarding Alabama women’s fashion, she said “It’s such a melting pot of various looks that Alabama doesn’t have a signature fashion trend, but my style is a bold yet unique look.”

Her advice to others: “It’s imperative that ladies illustrate confidence through their personality and style.  I want women to know that they are beautiful any age and size.  As always, remember to Be Confident… Be Unique… Be YOU! And we never make any apologies for it.” Felicia walks the talk and we love her for it!


Jeanie Marsh Dawson
Goldie cover photo credit: Sirli Raitma


Who: Jeanie Marsh-Dawson

Where: London, UK and Normandy, France

FollowInstagram,  Facebook, Twitter, Website


Jeanie is a woman on the go– literally! The 61-year old splits her time between the UK and France, all the while publishing Goldie Magazine. How did she become a publisher? Jeanie explains:  “Started with writing a book called The Invisibility Myth proving through stories and photographs how (specifically women, originally) are only as invisible as they choose to be post 40. It quickly grew bigger than the original idea, and my husband came up with the idea of a magazine championing the stories and experiences of the over-40 demographic.  Now it’s become my life’s work and all consuming passion.”

What types of products would Jeanie like to see reaching out to the over-40 female audience? “Mainstream fashion/beauty, not surgery and pharmaceuticals. Re-educational/entrepreneurial opportunities, so older people remain up to speed and engaged. Budget travel, Airbnb and house swaps, to enable us financially to keep on adventuring… Retirement is so passé!” Jeanie knows no limits and we love her for it!



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