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Over-40 Fashionista Spotlight: Suzanne Dekyvere

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Over-40 Fashionista Spotlight: Suzanne Dekyvere, 53

by Jonet Wooten, FabulouslyChicOver50.com

“I found turning 50 very empowering. It was almost like I was given permission to be more me… I hope that makes sense? I found worried less about what people thought and if someone doesn’t like what I am wearing that’s okay – they don’t have to wear it.” –Suzanne

Today’s She’s Got Style global fashionista is the fun, fashion trail blazer, Suzanne Dekyvere, a beautiful redhead from the Land Down Under.

Suzanne believes in being a fashion rule breaker (we love the rebel in her) and making choices that feel authentic to her, which gives her confidence! Suzanne’s personal style rules are bold, dramatic with a pinch of FUN!

She dispels the old saying that redheads shouldn’t wear certain colors, opting for brilliant reds and oranges (in the right tones) to make her hair color pop.


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