over-40 fashionista Suzie Richetti

Over-40 Fashionista Spotlight: Suzie Richetti

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Over-40 Fashionista Spotlight is a monthly column by Jonét Wooten

Kaftans & High Heels in Australia

We are headed to Melbourne, Australia, by way of the Netherlands, to meet our latest fabulous over-40 fashionista. Suzie Richetti, 55, is one stylish woman, with a passion for flowy kaftans and heels, darlings.Suzie was kind enough to share some style inspiration and a beauty tip to boot!


JONET: What is one of your favorite pieces in your closet?

SUZIE: For a bit of extravaganza, kaftans are my thing.  My favourite label is Camilla for gorgeous silk beaded kaftans.  My Camilla’s are my favourite wardrobe items.

JONET: How would you describe your personal style?

suzie richetti

SUZIE: My personal style is classic with a twist. For everyday style I like jeans, t-shirts, shirts, and blazers.

JONET: What is trending in Australian fashion?

SUZIE: The current trend in Australia is anything off the shoulder,  frills and unusual sleeves.  Australian designers such as Zimmermann, Ellery,  Romance Was Born and ofcourse Camilla are hugely popular both here and overseas.

JONET: Do you have a go-to travel outfit?

SUZIE: Black stretch benga jeans from Blue Illusion with black T and DKNY travel wrap I bought in Vegas a few years ago with flat zip up booties and my leopard print overnight bag.

suzie richetti and dog

JONET: Heels or flats?

SUZIE: I wear heels most of the time. My Italian husband is shorter than me but I refuse to give up heels. Lucky he doesn’t care and still happily dances with me!


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