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Over-40 Fashionista Spotlight: Eugenia Hargrove & The Age of Grace

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We’re on the road again, darlings, traveling this time to central Pennsylvania (United States) to meet our next fashionista spotlight star.

I’m honored to introduce you to the elegant, chic and talented Eugenia Hargrove. Eugenia’s natural sense of style is captivating and it’s easy to see why she started her blog, The Age of Grace.

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Meet Eugenia Hargrove

Jonét: There are so many fabulous dress looks on your Instagram Page. What advice would you give the midlife woman in search of a flattering dress?


EUGENIA: I follow a few universal themes:
🌸 Know and dress according to your body type
🌸 Dressing in one color elongates you but don’t be matchy matchy with shoes and accessories
🌸 V-neck looks great on everyone
🌸 Unless a midi/maxi style wearing dresses length to middle of knee is flattering
🌸 Pointy-toe heel elongates the leg




Jonét: From chic accessories and shoes to glamorous coats, how do you go about putting together an outfit?

EUGENIA: I have a passion for accessories, it’s the easiest way to update your wardrobe and give new life to basic clothing.

Jonét: Are there any styles or colors that are flattering for the 40+ professional woman?

EUGENIA: Style for the 40 + professional woman, again some styles are universal like a sheath dress, a classic shirtdress but mostly based on one’s body type for what is flattering and classic.

🌸 I think colors flattering for 40 + professional woman is subjective based on one’s skin color.

Jonét: What are your go-to makeup and anti-aging products?

eugenia hargrove fur collar


EUGENIA: My go-to makeup as I’m advancing in age (products that I didn’t use when I was younger):
🌺 Concealer to lessen appearance of under eye darkness
🌺 Night Eye Creams to help with under eye darkness
🌺 Mattifying primer to control oil

My anti-aging products are:
🎀 retinol with my evening beauty regiment
🎀 monthly Trophy Facials
🎀 wearing sunscreen

To follow along on Eugenia’s style adventures, you’ll find her here:

Blog: The Age of Grace
Instagram: TheAgeOfGrace
Facebook: Eugenia Russell Hargrove

Eugenia In Her Own Words

The Age of Grace is a blog about aging gracefully. I live in Pennslyvania, have a background in pharmaceutical sales, and married for 33 years. I love fashion, black-and-white movies, and museums — all of which have made it onto the blog at some point or another!

Our sincere thanks to the lovely Eugenia for sharing her styling and beauty tips for the mature woman.

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