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Over-40 Fashionista Renia Jazdzyk Knows How To Layer

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Over-40 Fashionista Spotlight Renia Jazdzyk of Ven’s Wife Style

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Have you ever found yourself wondering if you had anything in common with a woman from across the pond? I know, me too! The truth is that fashion has the power to unite women around the world and today’s fabulous She’s Got Style fashionista from England will inspire you with her universal style.

Allow me to introduce you to the chic and fabulous Renia from England who has managed to look astounding in every occasion.


JONET: Your Instagram photos are a stylish, chic and elegant. What tips can you share with our tribe on creating their own signature style?

RENIA: Thank you for your amazing compliments. My advice is simple: choose one item of clothing, or accessory, something that you love and add it to all of your outfits – this is how I create my signature looks. I have a weakness for handbags and jewellery so I always try to choose something unique whether it’s a fluffy bag or big rings and wear it with pretty much everything.

JONET: Your coats are absolutely stunning. When searching for the perfect coat, what influences your choices?

RENIA: In England, coats are a necessity. In my opinion it is worth having a classic, more expensive model in the closet (e.g. Burberry trench coat, as it will never be out of fashion), but it is also worth buying something more trendy (H&M, Zara and Mango are perfect if you are looking for unique coats). Quality is essential for me, but what makes the coat truly unique is the colour, cut, pattern. When choosing a coat I trust my instinct… if I feel special in it and it makes me smile, then I need to have it.

JONET: How does being 40+ influence your fashion and accessory choices?

RENIA: I don’t think my age affects my shopping choices. I believe that when it comes to fashion, age shouldn’t define me. I buy what I like and can combine with clothes that I already have. Of course, I still have a few limits, but they are mostly related to my body shape rather than my age. For example, I don’t buy mini skirts or mini dresses, but I know women of my age who have such beautiful, long legs that they look absolutely amazing in mini skirts. And when it comes to extras, it ‘s definitely worth investing in them, especially those timeless ones which never go out of fashion 🙂

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JONET: What are your go to make up and anti aging products?

RENIA: When it comes to my make up I usually go for Lancôme and Dior (I love their foundations) and Chanel for their amazing eye-shadows. And as far as skin care, I have recently discovered Erno Laszlo products and I am absolutely in love with them. Choose one item of clothing, or accessory, something that you love and add it to all of your outfits – this is how I create my signature looks.


I believe that fashion is limitless, and regardless of our age we should have as much fun with fashion as we want.To follow along on Renia’s adventures, you’ll find her here:

Blog ~ Vens Wife Style
Instagram ~ Ven’s Wife Style

Our sincere thanks to the lovely and stylish Renia for sharing her secrets to creating YOUR OWN signature style. Until our next global fashion voyage, embrace your own style, my darlings!

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