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Over-40 Fashionista Spotlight: Mariana Raquel from Argentina

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Over-40 Fashionista Spotlight is by Jónet Wooten of Fabulously Chic Over 50

Today, my friends, we are headed to Dallas, Texas to meet our new global fashionista sister, Mariana Raquel. She was born and raised in beautiful Argentina, but has called the “Big D” home for the last 27 years.

This stunning mother of three, holds a masters degree in bi-lingual education, but later decided to follow her passion for fashion, makeup and wellness.

Ten years into her “dream career”, Mariana Raquel now works with clients ranging from high-profile celebrity women to soccer moms!

FCO50: We love your edgy style. What pieces in your closet help define your personal style?

MARIANA: I would say that the ‘clothing’ definition of my signature style would be either a dress with a moto jacket (combining classic with edgy) or jeans, t-shirt and statement jewelry paired with either a blazer, moto jacket or sweater depending on the season. I usually wear a little pump or bootie with either look. The reason behind this “signature” look is because I like to pair elegance and grace with a youthful outspoken edginess. That is probably how I would define my personality as well, now that I think about it!

FCO50: Since you clearly have your finger on the pulse of the fashion scene, what trends are you embracing this season?

mariana raquel fashionista

I would have to say that the trend(s) that have captured my heart this season is the off the shoulder trend and the incorporation of bold color! I have ALWAYS been a ‘wearer’ of bold color regardless if it was on trend or not but now that it is ‘IN’, I couldn’t be happier! I adore seeing people wear bright colors because I believe it truly changes your mood as colors have their own energy.


As far as the off the shoulder trend, it is more that I have always loved women’s shoulder as they represent strength and beauty. Women hold so many people up within their family, friends and tribe that our shoulders are so powerful metaphorically as well as literally and having them pop out of a blouse or sweater creates a classy sexiness that is so very beautiful to me.

Click here to read the full interview and see more photos of Mariana Raquel.

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