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Over-40 Fashionista: Smart Style From Russia

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Over-40 Fashionista: Smart Style From Russia

by Jonet Wooten, FabulouslyChicOver50.com, photo by: Marsha Mishcenko

I’m excited about our “trip” to Russia today to meet our next She’s Got Style global fashionista! Elena is one bright, stylish cookie with two masters degrees (Engineering and Economics) who then went on to earn a Fashion Stylist degree too! Talk about brains and beauty!

Not only did Elena share a treasure trove of inspirational fashion photos with our tribe, she was kind enough to toss in some fabulous styling tips too!

elena - jonet
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FCO50: Tell us about your personal style.

ELENA: I would define my style as classical style (“Chanel” style), sporty (urban chick), sporty chick, jeans style, casual and a little avant-garde. I am for individuality and always infuse elegance element in all of my outfits. And I love eclecticism (mixing styles in one outfit).

FCO50: How do you pull your outfits of the day together?

ELENA: I am self-sufficient, educated and active woman. Usually I don’t make up my outfits in just one particular style or copy the looks from the magazines. Instead I prefer mixing styles and infuse something “mine” depending on my mood.

READ FULL ARTICLE and see Elena’s photo gallery.


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