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Online Reputation Management: Tips & Tools To Protect A Woman’s Rep

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Your online reputation can be making or breaking you in the virtual and real world of opportunity.  When was the last time you Googled your name to see exactly what an employer or future spouse might see? The need to manage your online reputation, both personally and professionally, has become so important that consultants are making a living out of managing them., which provides these services, states: “We know that 92% of U.S. companies recruit and screen candidates online. And 34% of hiring managers have dismissed candidates based on online reputation problems.”

If you can afford it and/or are in the middle of a reputation crisis, hiring an expert is the way to go.  But there are plenty of steps you can take on your own to stay on top of your online reputation and, hopefully, prevent any major cleanup jobs.

We pulled together tips from expert sources so you can get started on keeping you good name good.

What Happens In Vegas Stays On YouTube

Grace Lanni of “All About That Brand” is a personal branding consultant and podcast host who specializes in helping people create personal brands that lead to personal and professional success.  She hopped in her car and recorded this gem of a Facebook Live short.  Just because it happened in Vegas, doesn’t mean it stays in Vegas– especially when everyone has a phone camera and wifi.  Ask Prince Harry about his late-night hotel room poker party and the subsequent fallout as reported by Grace focuses more on what other people are saying about you on social media and how to mitigate it.

Click here or on the photo to open Grace’s video on Facebook.

Click to watch Grace Lanni’s online reputation advice


Forbes’ Online Reputation Management Tips

Forbes is a reliable source when it comes to professional advice. This article titled “10 Things You Need To Know About Online Reputation Management” gets to the heart of what can go wrong online and misconceptions that people have about their own reputations.  The title is misleading (the advice is not in a bullet-point format), but contributor Carolyn O’Hara of LearnVest does a good job of interviewing Michael Fertik ( founder) about common missteps and how to avoid problems like cyber extortionists.

Read the article here.

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When Should I Call An Online Reputation Management Pro?

Business Woman Media asked just that question. They came up with a list of 11 reasons why you should pull in a pro and what to look for in choosing the best provider for your situation. If you’re not familiar with the site, check it out. They have a lot of articles geared toward helping professional women succeed and connect with each other.

Start by reading the Online Reputation Management article.


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FREE Tools That Help You Manage Your Online Reputation

Renae Christine’s YouTube channel (“Silly videos, Serious webinars”) posted this entertaining and informative video showcasing free tech tools that can help you easily manage your online reputation.  The host is delightful and the tips worthy. Click the video to view.


Reporting Online Harrassment & Cyber Violence

Women are no strangers to getting harassed online. Cyber bullies who don’t agree with your views or actions may post all kinds of untrue statements, edited photos, even hack into your email or social media accounts. An ex-boyfriend may post photos of you (from 15 years ago!) that were considered private. It’s like the wild west out there, and you have to keep yourself safe.  Here are a couple of articles that tell you how to report harassment and start legal proceedings. **If you are in a situation where you fear for your immediate safety, call 911.**

“Online Harassment: What Recourse Do I Have If an Ex-Boyfriend Posts Nude Photos of Me Online?” is from Free Advice® Legal.

Links to all of social media’s Safety Centers, which is where you go to report harassment or cyber violence.  Only by reporting the problem can we prevent you or anyone else from getting hurt. Thanks to the Australian government for putting this incredible resource together. is a comprehensive resource that’s geared toward kids and teens, but the reporting process to both social media and law enforcement is the same.

Protect Your Rep!

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  1. This is a sign of the times and a MUST for our digital age. This post is packed with practical info to go about discovering, managing and possibly repairing your good name. Lots to think about and unpack here. 👍🏼

    1. Glad you found it useful! Share it with friends and family who depend on their online presence for personal or professional success (which is just about everyone these days).

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