One-Piece Swimsuits Are Trending: Here’s What’s HOT

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by Thea Wood,

For years, one-piece swimsuits made a strong fashion statement: “Don’t look at me!”

They came in an array of dark, solid colors and unremarkably conservative cuts designed to avoid attracting attention. Yet, swimsuits of any kind (bikini, tankini or one-piece) really leave little to the imagination, so the idea of hiding in one is a false sense of reality.

And those of us who swim laps or have kids know that swimsuit security is a top priority when buying a suit. Who needs a wardrobe malfunction in front of the Boy Scout Troop at the community pool?

Thankfully, smart use of colors, fabrics, designs, and prints are turning one-piece swimsuits into poolside rock stars. It’s time to come out of the cabana and put the FUN back into functional. It’s time to SHINE!

Here are some favorite trends for different body types:

Contoured Color Blocking.  Seams and color blocks can create the illusion of an hourglass shape—a strategy that works for most body types. Olympic-worthy color schemes add a cool edge like this 365Swim design from

Cutouts In The Right Places. A cut-out sweetheart neckline is super sexy without having to show much skin, and works wonders for attracting attention upward. Perfect for triangles, rectangles, and ovals. This Boss underwire swimsuit is a best seller.

Sheer Detailing.  Sheer (or nude lined sheer) fabrics are a safe “tease” for women who still want a bit of sexy mixed with security. This Sundance crochet suit works great for inverted triangles. Pick designs that use sheer/mesh/crochet where you want to attract attention.


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