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My Weight Loss Journey: Losing 33 Lbs When You’re Over 40

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by Imogen Lamport, InsideOutStyleBlog.com

As many of you are aware, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight in the past 7 months. 15kg (33 pounds) to be exact, not including the just under 1kg loss of my recent breast reduction surgery. As someone who has not been easily slim since I discovered chocolate when I was 15, I’ve always been interested in finding out how others either maintain their weight or lose their excess.

Last year, just after my 45th birthday (what is it about birthdays that make you assess your life) I realised that my weight had crept up to an unhealthy 81kg. I knew I had to do something about it, but regular dieting just doesn’t cut it for me, I’d done it a couple of times before (most recently 2009) and lost weight, but struggle to maintain. The more I’m deprived of things, the more I want them. I needed to find a way to have my chocolate and lose weight too.  I could never cut out any particular food groups, I once looked at the quitting sugar diet and when I saw you had to give up balsamic vinegar, I decided it wasn’t for me!

Fortunately I stumbled upon it on a personal shopping trip with one of my lovely clients. I’d noticed that she’d lost weight (I’m aware of her clothing size and how it had decreased from our previous shopping trip) and so I asked her how she’d lost the weight. She told me that she was on the 5:2 “Fast” eating plan (it’s a way of life, not a diet) and had found it easy to shed the extra weight. I was interested to find out more, and then a week or so later, the documentary by Dr Michael Mosley came on TV and I watched and decided to give it a go. (You can watch the documentary here)


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