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Monthly Affirmation: I Am Supported (sponsored)

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Feeling supported makes things easier to deal with. When you know someone has your back, their support can help alleviate anxieties, and relieve stress. What stinks is when we are in expectation of support from others, and they’re not meeting our needs. We feel lost, agitated, and alone.

Then I remember that we are supported in a myriad of ways.

The Earth may not support us through a work project, but she supports us where we stand, underneath our feet, she supports the weight of our body, and the weight of our stress. She gives us fresh air to breathe, beauty to witness, and warmth from her sun.

Think outside of the box today. Where else can you feel supported?

Maybe it’s in a cup of coffee, a smile from a stranger, a dog wagging its tail.

Maybe it’s within.

The Monthly Affirmation is sponsored by:

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