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Monthly Affirmation: I Am Courageous (sponsor)

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jill faulknerby Jill Faulkner,

Why did I include this affirmation in Stick With It packs? When people told me I was courageous, I had a hard time believing them. It didn’t feel like courage, I was just doing what had to be done.

Quitting a job that was tearing me apart, moving forward from friendships that no longer filled my soul. These experiences had served their purpose, stayed for their season in my life, and I am so grateful for them. In retrospect, it takes a lot of courage to look deep, to want to change, and then actually shift and let go of things that are holding you back.

Comfort is easy, and challenging comfort takes courage. It’s scary, and unknown, and it is worth everything.

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One comment on “Monthly Affirmation: I Am Courageous (sponsor)

  1. “I am courageous” is meaningful to me right now as continue to champion SheSpark now that we’ve launched our full website. It takes a certain amount of courage to put yourself out there and convince sponsors that our readers and our team are worth their time and effort!

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