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Monthly Affirmation: “I Am Love” (sponsor)

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This Monthly Affirmation brought to you by Jill Faulkner,

Could love be the answer to all of our questions or the solution to some of our problems? When we start with love, and remember to come from a place of love, life can shift. The gloom is less gloomy. The sun finds its way to us. We remember at our core, we are love. A friend recently told me how this affirmation “I am love” has transformed the way she approaches her daily life.

Affirming “I am love” allows you to BE love, and permits love to be what drives your existence. My friend shared that when she’s feeling overwhelmed and things are out of her control, her mind is doing all the work. She’s overthinking and consumed by stress and anxiety. When she remembers the affirmation “I am love” she consciously shifts from her head space to her heart space, to approach the chaos from a place of love. With intention, and a deep breath she visualizes herself walking down a staircase from her head to her heart. A sense of calm envelops her.

Whether you find frustration in a long line at the grocery store, or working through a challenge in a relationship, or at work, and with all that is going on in the world, “I am love” gives us the opportunity to approach these situations with a sense of love and peace, which diminishes stress. When we ARE love, we are able to GIVE love to ourselves, and to others, to nature, to situations, and even to our fears. Giving love to our fears opens us up to the opportunity to learn and grow, which can be challenging and scary, but transformative. BEING love opens doors for more love. I AM LOVE. This love will not dissipate, it is abundant and ever available to you.

That’s the key to self-love: how we incorporate affirmations or other tools into our daily lives. It’s easy to get caught up in a big-picture/future-thinking mentality and what love looks like from that place. How can we look at love, and look at ourselves from the place of daily minutiae? I invite you to allow the affirmation “I am love” to transform your life. Making changes in your internal landscape will transform your external landscape. Starting with the seemingly small stuff, could lead to a transformation you never knew you needed.

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