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Monthly Affirmation: “I Am Enough” (sponsor)

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A monthly affirmation by Jill Faulkner of

Thoughts can creep in that lead us to believe we are not enough. These thoughts are influenced by society, media, family, friends, co-workers, strangers, and ourselves. When we affirm “I am enough,” those outside influences and internal voices quiet down. We are able to go within to find peace in simply being who we are. Because, we are enough as we are. All the time– in this moment, and in the next one.

“I am enough” as a person, parent, friend, boss, employee, partner, stranger, comedian, accountant, cook, volunteer, engineer, artist, athlete, teacher, pet owner, etc….

I encourage you to take 2 minutes today and each day this week to sit quietly and repeat out loud or within your mind, “I am enough.” It may feel silly at first if you’re new to affirmations, so stick with it.

“I Am Enough” is October’s Monthly Affirmation

Stick With It Co.jill faulkner monthly affirmation is in the business of helping people focus on the relationship they have with themselves.  Using affirmations as a tool, our mission is for people to wholly, unabashedly, and guiltlessly love themselves.

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