Mineral Fusion SPF Drugstore Dupe for Sunforgettable SPF

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Once makeup is applied, who really reapplies SPF during the day?  Not me.

Meet Mineral Fusion Brush On Sun Defense SPF 30.

It’s SPF in a loose powder!  A great way to reapply sunscreen throughout the day without adding layer upon layer of liquid or cream SPF over your makeup.

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For daily use of SPF, it’s ideal.  Dust on a little extra SPF over your makeup, or wear the powder alone.  Coverage is transparent, so no orangey look.  It’s not cakey, and it does a decent job of fighting shine.


Would I wear only this powder for a day at the beach?  Probably not.  For serious time in the sun I apply a liquid SPF 50.  And of course hats are involved.  But for a couple hours at the pool, this is perfect.  I usually apply a liquid sunscreen before I go to the pool, but I keep my Mineral Fusion in my pool bag for reapplication.  Plus it it just helps freshen my face on hot summer days by the pool.

It’s easy to forget that your skin gets sun even in the fall and winter months.  I know I don’t really think of SPF as much when it’s cold out.  Mineral Fusion Brush On Sun Defense makes year-round sun protection something I can actually accomplish…
and afford.

If you prefer the$65 Sunforgettable alternative, share your reasons for spending the extra money with readers in the below comments. Your opinion matters!


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