Fashionista Spotlight: Midlife Bathing Beauty & Her Adorable Dimples

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Meet a midlife bathing beauty!

I am delighted to introduce you to one of my Ageless Style Linkup sisters, the lovely and hilarious, Paula, the blogger behind Dimples On My WHAT? Is that not the best name for a blog or what?

There are so many things I love about this month’s Fashionista Spotlight. Paula has a natural ease about her stylish looks and knows a thing or two about accentuating her beautiful, natural curves.

I’ll now turn this post over to my friend, Paula and her adorable dimples.

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Midlife Bathing Beauty Chat

JONET: Your Instagram page is bright, sunny and fun. How would you describe your personal style?

PAULA: My sister has described my style as “cozy chic”. I don’t know about the chic part, but cozy is definitely in my wheelhouse. I like comfortable, well fitting pieces. On any given day you’ll likely find me in joggers or other comfortable pants and a v-neck tee. If I need to run out, I can add a sweater or denim jacket to pull it together.

JONET: Are there a few fashion pieces (jeans, blazers, etc) that you find yourself buying again and again?


PAULA: I love a lightweight, longline cardigan and I have a slight passion for kimonos. But I was recently trying to make some room in my closet and discovered that I must have an obsession for jean jackets. I’m not sure how many I have, but when I tried them on in order to “thin the herd” I decided they each had their merits. I may need an intervention.

JONET: Many of us (including me) shy away from posting photos in swimwear, but you are bold and beautiful. What’s your secret?

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PAULA: Well thank you! I try to keep the swimsuit photos classy and modest. When I started dimples on my WHAT? I had no intention to ever post a swimsuit photo. But then I posted a swimsuit photo on my very first live blog post!

I became incensed by a Facebook comment on an body postive article I had posted where the author was explaining her decision to “be happy” with the fluffier, fuller version of herself. The commenter even went on to suggest diet tips because while having self love was one thing, this couldn’t possibly be healthy.


It’s attitudes like these along with a constant barrage of swimsuit clad young and skinny women or women who are tight, toned and tan that can make the average women feel bad about their “real” bodies. I keep thinking that the more we see imperfect, unretouched bathing beauties in swimsuits we would realistically wear, the more that becomes the vision of accepted beauty in our own minds eye.

JONET: It’s date night, what are you wearing?

PAULA:  I’m all over the style board on date night attire. I usually put on a pair of skinny jeans and a feminine top. I think an off-the-shoulder top is sexy if everything else is covered up. My husband likes skirts or a sundress in the summer. And we want to keep the hubs happy. It is date night after all.

It was a date night OTS top and skirt that inspired me to come up with a comfortable solution to keep the shoulders of these blouses off your shoulders. It’s my YouTube claim to fame. 😉

JONET: What are your go to makeup and anti aging products?

PAULA: I have rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis making my face very sensitive. My routine is pretty simple as less is more when you have sensitive skin. My go-to’s when I’m in a reactive state are Cetaphil products including the gentle cleanser and moisturizing cream. I like it because I can use it on my entire body. However, the last few months I’ve been using and LOVING the MILK line of products by Maskcara Beauty. It’s a very gentle trio system that is lactic acid based.



Most importantly SUNSCREEN! I use itCosmetics CC Cream almost everyday. It’s a multitasker foundation with SPF 50.

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Our heart-felt thanks to Paula for her words of fashion wisdom, style inspiration and confident attitude. Hugs and love!

How do you feel about wearing a swimsuit? We love Paula’s bold and confident attitude, I’m raising my hand here to be more like Paula!

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