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5 EASY Mental Health Action Items for 2018

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It’s easy to achieve these five mental health action items.

Now that we’re well into 2018 and all of those lofty goals and resolutions are starting to drift away (hey, we get it), it’s a great time to reevaluate your health and wellness.

This looks different for everyone, but some consistent goals we hear at Reset Retreat are about finding more peace, focus, connection, and overall happiness. Easy, right? It’s a constant journey, my friends, but it’s a beautiful one.

Here are 5 mental health action items for your 2018 list – that will help you get and stay grounded. And guess what? They actually are pretty EASY.


#1 Mental Wellness Action Items: Allow Time For You

At our retreats we’ve been amazed to learn how many guests do not put themselves first. Yes, it’s extremely important to care about the people you love and your community. Although you can do that a lot better when you’re at your best.

For example, think about the safety checks on airplanes. You’re reminded to put the oxygen masks on yourself before others… even your child. Why is this? It’s because you can’t function the same when you’re not at your best, and cleary, you need oxygen to be at your best. Here’s a great YouTube video that explains the science to support this  “Put your oxygen mask on before you help younger children … because then you’re able to have the mental awareness to be able to save yourself … and to save others.”

Becoming the best you helps those around you. You’re able to be a better mother, wife, daughter, employee, and friend.

#2 Mental Wellness Action ItemsGet a Check-In Buddy 

It’s so much easier to stay accountable when you have someone to be accountable to. Not sure where to start? Think of a friend or family member who provides a “safe haven” for you being vulnerable and make them your “accountabiliBUDDY”. This buddy should celebrate your meaningful and intentional wins and also help you self-correct when you veer off course.

You and your buddy should set monthly or quarterly check-ins to discuss goals, fears, intentions, etc. to remain accountable and make progress toward achieving your goals.

Can’t think of a buddy? Try googling accountability group or MasterMind group in your local area. If you’re feeling brave, post on social media and detail what you’re specifically looking for. You might be surprised who else may be looking for a check-in buddy, too.

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#3 Mental Wellness Action ItemsFocus on Baby Steps 

How often do you set big goals? How often does life get in the way and it feels too monumental of a climb to reach your goals? Then… the goals are never attainable because a shiny, new goal comes knocking on your door.

Frequently, we set our goals so high that it’s difficult to reach them quickly and without baby steps. When we don’t reach them quickly, we can feel like a failure and ultimately give up.

Try focusing on the baby steps. Those action items that support the bigger goal and get you closer to it, but maybe aren’t as scary. Taking baby steps and setting short term attainable goals gives us opportunities to celebrate at small milestones. It keeps us going! Keeps us inspired! And it builds a sustained change.

As the Hindu Priest Dandapani says, “the less pressure you put on yourself, the faster spiritual growth you actually achieve. It’s one of the fastest ways to grow. You add one thing and then another, and you create a sustained change.”

When you find momentum and you start seeing small results, it kicks in our belief that we can do this. 

#4 Mental Wellness Action Items: Pay Attention to How You Feel to Uncover What You Actually Want 

This is a biggie. How often do you say yes to a girlfriend group happy hour because it’s the “social” thing to do. Then it drains you and makes you feel anxious. Or, what if you signed up for yoga every day because everyone says it’s amazing, but you’d rather be meditation or running in nature. Oh, and what about that best friend that sucks all the energy out of you, but who you still say yes to all the time?

Pay attention to how you feel during and after activities. Listen to your body, your mind, and your heart. If an activity drains you, listen. If it makes you feel on top of the world, listen.

It’s pretty simple. Consider doing more of what makes you feel great and do less (it’s ok to say no!) of what makes you feel drained/unhappy/etc.

You are your best guide and your body is a phenomenal tool to help you uncover what is most important and validating to you.


#5 Mental Wellness Action Items: Stay Curious 

We reset our brain patterns when we get out of our routine. Routines are really healthy for a lot of reasons, but it’s very easy to turn a negative routine into a rut. Ruts are hard to get out of, so let’s avoid these.

Staying curious to new patterns and routines can be a really healthy way to eliminate negativities and recognize activities or practices that you were unaware would bring you joy.

Consider being open to someone’s view who you may have disregarded or dismissed. Consider being open to a place you’ve never gone before – even in your neighborhood. Consider trying an activity you’ve always been curious about. See where it takes you. You might be surprised that when you stay curious and open, new and unexpected doors appear.

A Happy 2018 and Beyond….

We hope these ideas pave the way for setting reachable goals to your happiness and health. If you’re looking for a place to fully reset yourself, we invite you to check out Reset Retreat. Use code ‘SHESPARK100’ for $100 off your retreat. Email with your code.

Happy days,


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