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By Audrey at Cremes Come True

I’m weighing in on the Makeup Trends for Spring 2018.  Here are the winners, and losers, from my own over-40 perspective.

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Let’s start with the trends I’ll be working into my looks…


Gold Highlighter

I’m thrilled to see golden, shimmery highlighters on the Spring trend list.

It’s a color I can actually wear, as opposed to all the iridescent, rainbow, unicorn-like highlighters that have been dominating the beauty scene. 

I’m betting this trend will stick around for summer.  This one from Rihanna’s makeup line is flying off the shelves.

Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife – Available on Amazon

Thick Lashes

I’ve heard this trend called “Twiggy Lashes” or “Clumpy Lashes.”  Whatever you call it, thick, dramatic lashes are in.  If you haven’t tried this miracle drugstore mascara,  you need to.  I’m not into clumps, but big volume for a little cash is a trend I can get behind.

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise – Available on Amazon


Glitter is now having MORE than a moment.  It’s the trend that keeps going and going…and it’s going into 2018.  I walk a fine line with this trend, as I don’t want an over-the-top look.

I look for glittery products that don’t make me look 10 years older, OR like I’m trying to look 20 years younger.

An EASY way to wear this trend is a little glitter on the eyelids.  I love this from Butter London.  Apply just a little to lids and blend out with your finger tip or a fluffy shadow brush.  It’s subtle glitter, and it’s GORGEOUS.  It’s a gel that dries down, so there’s less glitter fall out.  And you don’t have creased up lids!

Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss in Icing – More Colors Available On Amazon


Heavy Black Eye Liner

This promises to be a strong trend for 2018, as it was on almost every list I found.   Heavy black liner on top, on bottom, on top AND bottom, with a sharp cat-eye flick, with a round flick – you name it, I saw it.   It looks great on the models, but it’s not a trend I’ll be wearing.

Harsh black lines around my eyes just make me look older.  And my eye skin is not so tight, so actually achieving the look is next to impossible.  I’ll be sticking to softer looks with my eyeliner, and softer colors, too.

Buy This Liner On Amazon If You Plan to Rock This Trend


Big Glitter

Big glitter is decorating yourself by gluing sequins or rhinestones to your face.  While it’s pretty, and looks fun to wear, I won’t be rocking this trend in 2018.  It might be a fun look for a night out, or a concert, but not something I’d wear every day.  It’s also time consuming.  I know this from trying it on Halloween, when I was a fortune teller.  Those are big pieces of iridescent-white glitter forming those stars…

I used products from Models Own Celestial Line. Available on Amazon.


So what do you think?  Which trends will you be trying in 2018?

6 comments on “Makeup Trends for 2018 – SheSpark

  1. On the other hand, I would love to see an editorial makeup look on an older woman where the wrinkles are used rather than hidden. It has always struck me as crazy that some models are so young. I’ve come across 14 year olds being used: they look about 19 made up. Hopefully the baby boomers can get the message across that older women look great. At 54 I wouldn’t want to be trying to look 20 for the next 40+ years (hopefully)!

    1. We would LOVE to see some creative makeup examples of using our laugh lines for aesthetically pleasing results. If you know of any, please send them our way. And we agree, trying to look 20 for the rest of our lives sounds exhausting. LOL.

  2. I have tried to order the crepe CREEK 3 Times to no avail. Please check on this and SEND me the pack of. 4 or 5 items.

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