Madison Reed Celebrates REAL Women Over 50

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SheSpark first “met” Madison Reed, a prestige hair color brand, at a midlife blogging conference in Las Vegas in 2016.  What happened in Vegas DID NOT stay in Vegas.  We’ve had our eye on this AMAZING company ever since.

Madison Reed started with a simple mission: To create a luxurious hair color made with ingredients you can feel good about.  Their products give women salon-quality hair color without the high prices of a salon…and without the salon itself!  This is at-home color you can do yourself, in under an hour.



Madison Reed is  joining the movement toward authenticity in advertising by announcing that it is advancing the cause with a pledge to use unaltered, raw photography.

New photos feature women over age 50 feeling confident and beautiful, no retouching necessary.

In these images, nothing will be adjusted.  Hair color will be shown “as is.”  Madison Reed’s untouched, “raw” photos will be easily identified by a Madison Reed “Real Mark.”

“Recently, we had a photo shoot with six amazing women, some of whom are over the age of 50,” said Heidi Dorosin, Madison Reed’s chief marketing officer. “When we received the digital files, we thought,

‘Why alter these photos?’  Yes, these women have wrinkles.  Yes, they have smile lines.  But these are all qualities that made the women even more beautiful to us.”

Many brands have vowed to not “materially alter” the appearance of women in their imagery, but that leaves room for retouching.  Madison Reed’s promise goes a step further.  Going forward, there will be zero alteration of all advertising photography. Web pages and packaging showing shades of each color will continue to be digitally altered, so clients have clear expectations of the end result.


The company’s new mantra: Confident is the new beautiful

SheSpark is thrilled to see this trend toward authenticity in advertising.  Aren’t we all sick of seeing “mature” models airbrushed until they look 20 years old?  Thank you, Madison Reed!  Thanks for celebrating the beauty of women of ALL ages!

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Products can also be found online and through select retailers including Sephora, QVC and Ulta Beauty.

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Madison Reed Hair Gloss Review on Cremes Come True

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