LUNCHTIME PODCAST Understanding Tantra: Is It Just About SEX?

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Hosted by: Ann O’Brien and Karen O’Moore

Energy healer and intuit Ann O’Brien interviews Karen O’Moore (certified Tantra teacher and relationship coach) about the alluring yet often elusive meaning and practice of Tantra.  Talking points include:

  • What does Tantra really mean?
  • Simple ways to connect more to your body, sensuality, and aliveness – and why this is important.
  • How to relax, take the pressure off, and renew intimacy with your partner.
  • What to do about low libido, or if your partner’s libido differs than yours.
  • How and why to talk about sex and your needs.
  • A newer, healthier form of “sex-ed” for our children.
  • A guided meditation to help you balance openness with healthy boundaries.


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