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The BIG Reveal & Other Lingerie Style Tips

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by Thea Wood,

Who’s afraid of lingerie? If you mentally raised your hand, you’re not alone.  Age, stretch marks, rolls, and veins can drive any woman into a pair of fleece pajamas. Under the covers. In the dark.

Not a sexy look. In fact, your lover can’t even see you now.

We’ve all been there, but it’s not too late to make like Austin Powers and get your “mojo” back. Here are five lingerie style tricks that are sure to boost your confidence and sex appeal. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of lingerie style tips!

Lingerie Style Tips – Create “The Big Reveal”

Strippers don’t go on stage naked, and neither should you. Build anticipation (and your self-confidence) by slowly and seductively peeling away layers for the Big Reveal.  A silk robe slides off to a sheer teddy and thigh highs, eventually giving way to a bustier and panties.  Then, the Big Reveal.  By now, you’re both so wound up that the last thing you’re thinking about is a stretch mark or love handle.

Lingerie Style Tips – Show Off Your Assets

Do you like some body parts better than others?  Draw attention to them by using striking colors, prints, bling, or bare skin to visually “project” your assets.  This strategy naturally minimizes those areas and minimizes anxiety before your Big Reveal. Here are some suggestions by body shape:

Rectangles: The bust line is the usually the strongest asset for this woman. Try a sweetheart corset or bustier that is dark in the mid section and lighter/brighter/embellished through the bust. It creates an hourglass shape. Pair with a dark but shear stocking and panties so the attention stays upward.

Inverted triangles: I also calls these ladies my “martini glasses” because they always have great stems!  To show off your legs, try printed stockings or thigh highs (sparkles and metallics are fun options) with a garter belt and thong.  Pair with a form-fitting halter teddy (you’ll want underwires or other support seaming) that doesn’t take attention away from the leggy embellishments.




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