Jill Kirsh Color Palette

Jill Kirsh Color Makeup Palette Review

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Jill Kirsh Color Makeup Palette Review

by Audrey Stefanik, CremesComeTrue.com

In my search for the perfect makeup colors for me, I’ve tried:

  • finding my skin’s “undertones” by looking at the veins in my wrist.  Blue?  Green???
  • figuring out if I’m an “autumn” or a “summer” (I still don’t know.)
  • Spending lots of $$$ on colors that don’t flatter me.

But I have never selected my makeup colors based on my hair color.
Until now.

I had the pleasure of talking with Jill Kirsh, expert Color Consultant and all-around super woman. She had tons of color advice for me.
I could actually hear her passion for color in her voice.

So how does Jill figure all this out?

Jill knows the most flattering colors for you, based on your current hair color.

Jill’s unique approach to working with color has won her the nickname  “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue.”  She has consulted Red Carpet celebrities, Grammy winning musicians, actors, news anchors and business leaders.  She’s so good that In Style Magazine and Redbook, among many others, have sung her praises.


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