“Who Do You Love?” How Influencers Manage Their Online Reputation

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How Influencers Manage Their Online Reputation and Harness The Power of Online Reviews

Featuring special guest contributor Grace Lanni of All About That Brand. If you missed the first article in the series read it here: “Part 1: The Genesis of A Personal Branding Influencer.

George Thorogood & The Destroyers and (many other artists) performed “Who Do You Love” written by Bo Diddly.  Think about new music that you’re turned on to or a movie that one of your friends raves about.  Reviews and recommendations carry great power.  How can you apply this as an influencer? Just think about how differently the first conversation is with a prospective sponsor when they were lovingly handed to you by a good friend, versus when they randomly found you on the Internet somewhere and liked what they read.  How about when you’ve collided with a colleague at a networking event versus cold calling a prospect.

Influencer Partnerships

One way to inspire reputation is through influencer partnerships.  Who are non-competitive influencers that are willing to partner with you and co-market to each other’s clients?  For example, if you are a senior living locator, why not partner with a family legacy photographer?  What about including a nice write-up about your influencer partner on your social media or co-promote each other’s books?  Think about creating joint workshops – this often accompanies several emails and social posts to you and your influencer’s followers and is a great way for both communities to see your partnership in real action.

Any co-marketing relationship requires attention.  How are you going to share the revenue you generate together?  What about referring marketing opportunities to each other – are you going to provide a referral bonus or percentage of the business?

Testimonials vs. Reviews

So – barring the loving, friendly influencer referrals we mentioned above, how do you successfully create elevated trust for your tribe when they are looking through your website?  Historically, the answer was testimonials.  The challenge is that these are static on social and get lost over time.  Reviews, however, are the current standard functionality to rate an influencer’s value. Depending on your influencer community, you may only need reviews on your Facebook fan page, Instagram, and Google.  If you are recommending products and services, you might also consider Yelp, LinkedIn, ZillowHouzz, or Angie’s List – the places that your people go for trusted recommendations.  If you’ve got a unique solution that doesn’t have a review tribe, consider a reputation management solution like  It will create a review page for you and allow you to push reviews to multiple social platforms.

Grace shares more tips for managing feedback on various social media in this video.


The Power of a QR code

Once you’ve setup your review landing pages, how do you get the people who love you to leave great reviews? Voila – QR Codes!  You’ve probably seen them in magazines, in restaurants and on other promotional items.

This is a QR Code.

It functions as a hyperlink and will take you to a URL embedded in the QR Code.  This one is connected to the All About That Brand Webinar landing page. If you have a smart phone, you can scan the QR code. I use the free QR Reader app found on iTunes and on Google Play.

To scan, go to your applications icon on your smart phone – you may already have a barcode scanner downloaded.  If so, select it and hold it over the code. It will magically bring up the browser and show you the All About That Brand Webinar landing page.

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About The Author

grace-lanni-headshotGrace Lanni’s Influencer Platform, All About That Brand ©, is a personal-branding resource including workbooks, online courses, VIP programs, a  podcast and YouTube channel.  Grace continually explores the cutting edge of personal branding and was  featured in the Austin Business Journal, on KEYE, and won the KPMG Stand-Out Startup Award.  Her most recent book, The No B.S. Truth: What it Really Takes to Build a Successful Business is an International Best Seller.  Grace is first a mother of two millennials and a wife.  She is also a performing R&B musician, startup accelerator mentor, MD of eWomenNetwork – Austin and advocate for women’s leadership (Women Who Tech are Dangerous).

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5 comments on ““Who Do You Love?” How Influencers Manage Their Online Reputation

  1. Some really good points there. Mutually reviewing is something simple but I hadn’t thought of it before. Also the difference between testimonials and reviews. Really interesting.

  2. Hey Grace,
    You are right, reviews are far better than testimonials.
    Many times people can’t differentiate between testimonials and reviews. I think this is the best article to simply understand that difference.
    Thanks for the wonderful article.

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