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How To Pose For Pictures: 3 Tips From An Over-40 Model

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“How do you pose for pictures?” yields over 280,000,000 search results on Google.  Our society is obviously consumed with the art of a taking a great photo, and it can be harder as we age. Midlife takes its toll on skin, hair and the body. We have a tendency to want to hide from the camera (are you standing behind your kids in that last family holiday card?). Or we may think that we have to be over the top to get a positive response from social media followers.

Jacqueline Depaul is an over-40 model who started professionally modeling at age 38.  Her tips for how to pose in front of the camera may help you get more comfortable with being the subject your friends, family, and followers love most:  YOU.

How To Pose For Pictures

1.  Camera technique. Be yourself in front of the camera. It sees fear, anxiety, stress. So, be happy and comfortable. The two most common camera tricks: Chin forward and down (thins out and smooths out the neck). Walk like an Egyptian! Turn the lower body to one side or the other, and then bring the shoulders back. No slouching.

2.  Try to take your focus off what you look like. It’s not a person, so the it’s hard to look at it.  Try to see something inside the camera lens. Then, focus your eyes so you look more attentive to the lens— but you have to be smiling. 🙂

3.  Specifically for Instagram: There’s this idea that they have to be way over the top. Like we have to present this hyper-enthusiastic person with Kim Kardashian makeup. For women, we should take pictures of ourselves. They don’t have to be super happy, or impress the world, or look more artistic. Our pictures should be honest.

jacqueline dupaul pose for picturesSide note from Jacqueline:

Ben Barry– he did his entire Cambridge thesis on the response of women on images of women. When a woman sees a model that is similar to her, her buying urge goes up 200=300 percent. The key thing was that marketers are really not doing it well.

by Jacqueline Depaul, professional model and creative mind behind

photo credit: Troy Christopher Plota

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