Old Lips, New Tricks: How To Choose Lipstick Colors and Apply Them

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How to choose lipstick colors that flatter seems to get harder as we age. It can be a daunting task when you try to break out of a makeup rut.  How much money have you wasted on lipstick colors that look terrible when you get home from the store and wear them in the wild? Or how much time have you wasted trying to apply the perfect lip just to see it fade away in minutes? It gets worse when your natural lip is thinning and fading on its own.  We get it!

Here are three videos we love that talk about how to choose colors and how to apply them for desired results in aging lips.  In the comments below, tell us which brand/lipstick color you love and why.  Sometimes it takes a village to zero in on the perfect shade!

Choosing Lipstick Colors Based on Your Lip Chemistry (3:49 minutes)

Imogen Lamport of InsideOut Style does it again with these tips based on your lip chemistry. You’ll especially like her tip for picking neutrals!


How 9 Lipstick Brands Rated on The “Wear Test” for Mature Lips (12:23 min)

Angie from Hot and Flashy puts nine major lipstick brands to the test. A big sticking point? Wrinkle creep!  Find out which ones make the grade and which ones to skip.

How to Apply Lipstick for Mature Women (3:55 min)

Tired of lipstick that moves or disappears faster than you can say “Tito’s & Soda”? Watch this lipstick tutorial from The Digital Age before you next event for long-lasting results. The prep and the finish were the biggest “ah-ha” moments for us.


How to Dress Lips that Are Disappearing (8:38 min)

It’s not your imagination. Ariane Pool explains why you can’t find your lips and how to dress them for maximum fullness. Thanks to Margaret Manning of 60 and Me for setting up the tutorial!

If you have a video that you think SheSpark readers would love, send us a direct message from our Facebook Page. And your comments in the section below are always welcome.  Thank you for sharing and spreading the word about SheSpark.

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