How LEZÉ Solved The Top 3 Fit Issues With Pants

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How LEZÉ Solved The Top 3 Fit Issues With Pants by Thea Wood

SheSpark found out about LEZÉ The Label when it launched a KickStarter campaign. All together, the company has raised over $258,000 from crowdfunding efforts (according to indiegogo.com), which says it’s onto something that women are looking for in clothing.

Right now, the pant comes in black (with a removable belt and lifetime guarantee) and will be available in May 2018. The retail price is $110, but with early bird purchases on Indiegogo, you can get from 32% to 43% off retail pricing depending on the pre-order package you choose.

The pant design keeps in mind various body shapes and sizes with flexible fabrics that feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but you’re not. The fabric is made from coffee and plastic bottles plus prevents wrinkles, odors, and wicks sweat away. But what about fit?

SheSpark co-founder Thea Wood asked LEZÉ co-founder Karen Lee how her pant design solves the top three fit issues women complain about and how crowdfunding is shaping her approach in 2018.


THEA:  What fabric do you use and how does it fight odor?

KAREN: Our fabric is a mix of recycled polyester, polyester and spandex. The grounded coffee that was infused during the production of the yarn has a natural characteristic to neutralize odor.

THEA:  With regard to fit: what were the top fit problems you found women complaining about and how does Lezé address them?

KAREN:  The top 3 issues: uncomfortable waistband, restrictive flexibility (pants ride up and down), unflattering butt.

  • Waistband – We created a thick 3″ waistband with a 9″ rise, so that it sits as close to the natural waist as possible. The thicker the waistband, the less it cuts into your stomach.
  • Restrictive Flexibility – Our pants have an adaptive stretch, so that the pants will adapt to your body’s movements. This prevents unnecessary riding up and down
  • Unflattering Butt – We added faux pockets in the back with strategic darts for an accented behind.

THEA:  Where can women buy the pants?

KAREN: Currently, it is available on Kickstarter until January 13, 2018. After, they will be available for pre-orders on Indiegogo for 30 days during the production period. Next, women can purchase it off our website (https://www.lezethelabel.com).

THEA:  What is the price point?

KAREN: It starts at $75USD for 1 or 2 for $132USD. There are further bundles for 3 and 4.

THEA:  Your Kickstarter campaign is underway! Why did you choose that platform to expand the brand? And how would you describe the experience so far?

KAREN: We chose Kickstarter so we could validate our concept before investing a ton of money into it. We wanted to minimize our risk. The experience has been phenomenal. Throughout our campaign, we continuously gather feedback from our backers, which influences the final design and offerings. This way, we are creating something the people really want; it’s not a decision just made by Tanya and I. It feels like we’re doing this together as a whole collective, and it feels amazing to have this kind of support.

THEA: What advice would you give to women thinking about starting their own clothing line?

KAREN: Do your research and talk to as many women as possible. Learn about their pain points. Every woman experiences clothing differently, and you will have to choose what problem you are solving and which community needs you. Second, take opinions lightly. There will be a LOT of opinions, so try not to get caught up. As a new company, you may not be able to cater to every single person out there due to the minimums your manufacturer may impose. Take the opportunity to learn, so you can further revise your product in its second or third variation.

THEA:  Where are you from? Is Lezé based there?

KAREN: I am from Vancouver, BC and my partner Tanya is from Taipei, Taiwan. LEZÉ is based in both locations; we design in Vancouver and produce in Taiwan… Tanya is at the factory on a biweekly basis to ensure all things are produced ethically and correctly.

THEA: What is Lezé’s biggest goal for 2018?

KAREN: Expand our collection into blouses, jackets and dresses for a full “work leisure” line.

Watch the LEZÉ YouTube video here:



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