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Video Feature: The Health and Beauty Benefits of Cannabis

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It’s the question on many over-40 women’s minds: Are there health and beauty benefits of cannabis?  We snooped around YouTube and found a few videos that may answer some of your questions.  There are some pretty interesting products for women, and from the looks of it there will be a lot more coming down the line.

Note:  SheSpark is not a medical site, and we aren’t doctors. Before trying any new products for health benefits, always consult your physician.


Doctors Talk About CBD (7:51)

Doctors like cardiac surgeon Dr. David Allen, M.D. talk about the human endocannabinoid system, how it works in protecting your body, and how hemp’s CBD (Cannabidiol) can benefit that system. And no.  It doesn’t get you high like THC.


What CBD Products Are Good for Pain Relief? (5:25)

Pain is the number one reason why people use cannabis, as revealed in this video. But how do you know which CBD products will work best to relieve the pain?  Some science and stats to help you decide come from Hello MD.


High Gorgeous: A Female-run Business That Makes Cannabis Beauty Products

This California company really caught our eyes because High Gorgeous is founded by women, run by women, and targeted toward women– including the over-40 market.  That’s right! All those aches and pains and even cellulite may be a thing of the past with High Gorgeous topicals.  Co-founders Chelsea Kitahara and Krystal Kitahara (sisters) claim that even their conservative, anti-cannabis father is one of their biggest cheerleaders now and fields requests from his friends regularly. The products do contain THC levels, ranging from 25 mg to 200 mg depending on the product.  That means you cannot buy them online. This New York Times article explains why the presence of THC makes CBD more effective.


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