Over-40 Women Headlining: Katie Couric’s Moxie, Eva Longoria’s First, Super Hero’s Workout

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Let’s take a look at over-40 women headlining online this week!  If you’ve seen headlines for midlife women and want to share them with us, send a link to our Facebook page for consideration.  Enjoy!

The Moxie of Katie Couric

Designer Tory Burch interviews journalist Katie Couric  at the The Tory Burch Foundation’s Embrace Ambition Summit. After finishing her “Gender Revolution” documentary, Katie spent eight months traveling the country to talk about issues that divide people. It became the National Geographic Series called “America Inside Out.” Katie said she’s never worked so hard in her life.



Eva Longoria – First Baby at Age 43

Eva Longoria gave birth to her first child, Santiago, after months of showing off her baby bump.  Our over-40 inspiration had a lot of help prepping for Santiago from one of her famous girlfriends. Can you guess who? Watch for the answer!


Danai Gurira and Angela Bassett’s Super Hero Workouts

People Magazine featured this spot on 40-year old Danai Gurira’s workouts that keep her looking tough as nails for projects like the Black Panther movie and The Walking Dead television series. We couldn’t find a video version, so why not focus on 58-year old Angela Bassett’s workout?  Angela played The Queen in Black Panther– of course! She says there is ONE key success factor to looking amazing on screen.


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