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The Four Pillars of Wellness — “Choose One & Go From There” Says Dr. Ho

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Relationship, Holistic Life & Mindset Coach Dr. Elise Cohen Ho has navigated clients’ wellness relationships for nearly 30 years. She discusses the four pillars of wellness with a special emphasis on relationships, business, and overall emotional and physical health. This “Mind & Spirit” column is brought to you by Honey & Abernathy, bringing quality crafted and artistically inspired goods to the marketplace.

Here is what Elise tells us about achieving overall wellness:

First Look At Your Relationship With Yourself

The first and foremost place to begin is the relationship with yourself. Self-care is imperative, and this looks different for everyone. It is an individual approach, but consistency is the key.

Of course, self-care includes exercise and it also includes rest. We drive our lives so hard to depletion of rest. We guilt ourselves when we are sick, not allowing to slow down and rest. Rest is just as important as movement.

Making wise eating choices is another key factor in our wellness. What goes in really helps with our internal body and our mental health as well.

Which leads me to self-talk, kindness is the key. We need to speak kindly to ourselves and avoid negative self-talk. Be gentle with yourself, treat yourself as your own best friend because YOU ARE your own best friend.

Now Fortify Your Four Pillars of Wellness

Physical Wellness. Our physical and emotional wellness is a strong foundation of our being. Without physical and emotional wellness, we are building a home on a weak foundation. Physical wellness is a large part of our “home foundation” and tapping into weight. Not focusing on our size, how do we feel? Attractive? Healthy? Minimal aches and pains, energetic? Our emotional wellness plays right in here. Feelings of joy, delight, energy, confidence is all just part of our “health care team.” When we are tired and negative, that becomes our foundation and opens us up to a lot of unwanted health issues.

Occupational Wellness. Being happy and fulfilled in what we do reduces stress in our lives. We still live in a society where so many people wake on Monday morning dreading to go to work. This affects all areas of health and feeds anxious feelings. Why live like this? Life is way too short to shortchange yourself. Of course, we all have a certain amount of money we need to make to live a life in the way we choose, but let’s not forget that some of that is, in fact, a choice. Figure out what kind of life you want to have and make it happen. If you need the paycheck from a job you do not love, then seek out fulfillment elsewhere. Volunteering for a cause you are passionate about is a great place to begin.

Intellectual Wellness. Our educational wellness is so important. Courses on-line, free webinars, reading… All these “conversations” expand the mind. Learning and growing works the brain. We are all on-going students of life.

Spiritual Wellness. This is the spirit within us, connecting to our true values, and nurturing this is just as important as every other area of wellness. This is not necessarily a religious experience. It is whatever spirit means to you.

Participating in meditation is a great way to connect.  A meditation practice can be what we traditionally think of as medication: a walk-in nature or anything else that helps you to connect with your spiritual being.

Disconnect from electronics. Deep breathing, our breath runs through our body and doesn’t cost a thing.

One Step At A Time

Overall our wellness needs to be whole, but it does not need to be perfect. Perfection is an overrated concept that places too much pressure. We are humans, allow the ebb and flow of life. Begin small, choose one area to focus on and expand from there.

Dr. Ho is a Holistic Life and Mindset Coach who helps women break through their limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and manifest their dreams. She offers personal concierge services, VIP mastermind groups, and downloadable personal and spiritual development courses along with nutrition therapy, natural remedies, and several proven tools to help people navigate the pillars of wellness with a special emphasis on relationships, business, and overall emotional and physical health. Visit her website at

You can also connect with her on social media:

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6 comments on “The Four Pillars of Wellness — “Choose One & Go From There” Says Dr. Ho

  1. How lovely to see a familiar face featured on here today! I love Elise’s point that our wellness routine doesn’t have to be perfect.

  2. These are all such great reminders to check back in and make sure I am focusing on all areas. I sometimes tend to get caught up on one area and neglect the others.

  3. Life is amazing to offer such much opportunity to experience joy and fulfillment. I love these four pillars as reminders to be true to yourself – they are wonderful pathways to give yourself the experience of love through fulfilling your hearts (in this case, pillars) desires. 👍🏼

  4. Great tips and advice. As you said, self care is the key and something I often struggle with. Although I know it’s the cornerstone to my overall health I often neglect it. Thank you for the reminder.

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